I must say that the continuous research that I have been doing over the last two months for has been doing a “job” on my psyche, and pointing, no, pushing me in the direction of the almighty ((((VEGETARIAN DIET )))) once again!


Yes, I was “vegetarian” for about ten years during the 80’s when my children were young, but I’ve gradually gotten away from it over the years, and evolved to eating chicken, fish, and turkey.  Not to say that Fruits and Vegetables are not still a large part of my non-vegetarian daily diet; but now, with all the data I’m learning and writing about on almost a daily basis, proving without a doubt, the undeniable power of 100% Raw Fruits and Vegetable Diets in curing any disease, AND maintaining optimum health, I feel compelled to at least, “Set the Example” ,  and maintain true accountability for my website readership. 


How can I continue to tell my website visitors, that if they are sick in anyway, they need to immediately start eating a100% Raw Organic Fruit and Vegetable Diet, when I am sitting down eating, not one, but two pieces of Baked or Barbequed Chicken?????!!!!


Well, I just can’t take it anymore!… Embarrased smile


I must “Walk the Walk” and become that person about whom I write… a conscious, vegetarian, who maintains optimum health and vitality with an 80% or more Alkaline Food Diet, heavily consisting of Organic RAW Fruits and Vegetables with lots of good filtered water and 100% juices!


I’m feeling that I can be that person, plus, I’ve already started my journey…


Since Sunday, November 14th ,2010,  I’ve only eaten raw fruits and nuts during the day, with a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and a big ORGANIC salad at night for dinner. Sometimes, I’ll eat a Veggie Burger with fresh organic onion, lettuce, tomato and spinach on Sprouted Multi-Grain bread.  


Now, I’m a pretty healthy person (“60 Years Young…Going On 35”), and I feel good all the time; but today, I feel even better than usual; especially since I got on the bathroom scale, and it showed a 5-pound decrease in weight from just a few days ago!  Now that’s real inspiration!  While I’m not actively trying to lose weight, I sure don’t mind any weight-loss being a by-product of the Vegetarian Diet! J


I have no idea how long I will be able to maintain this “vegetarian” frame of mind, especially since I’m surrounded by Blood-Type “O” Carnivores, who love baked chicken, AND who also really cook well!  Nevertheless, the need to start now is too compelling, so I’ll keep you posted of the experience!


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