You Know That You’re “Connected” When…

I got a call from my grandson’s school nurse early this afternoon informing me that my grandson had a temperature of 102.3, and he was in the Nurse’s office waiting for me to pick him up. 


I was bit perturbed at the moment because a company, HDD, had just “hacked” into my computer and coerced me into purchasing their “Defragmenting Software”  that I didn’t really need (but that’s another story.)


I packed up my granddaughter and left to pick-up KJ from school.  When we arrived, the school was having a “Fire Drill” and all the children were pouring out of the school and across the street away from the school.  I initially thought that it was something more than a drill because the street was blocked off with CAUTION TAPE, so that no one could drive onto it.  I later learned that was for the safety of the children, who all had to cross the street to the other side.


I was directed to the Nurse’s office by one of the teachers, and we made it up to the second floor where the nurse and my son were waiting in her office.  She asked me if she should give him some Motrin, and I politely said “No, that won’t be necessary.”  I let her know that he had experienced snow and ice skating for the first time at one of his friend’s Birthday Party’s on Sunday, and unfortunately, it had started raining before the party was over, and all the children, including KJ, acted like it didn’t matter, and merrily continued their “Winter Wonderland” fun in the rain! 


Now, I stayed home Sunday night, as I usually do when KJ’s friends have parties, and when I saw that it started raining, I instantly thought to myself, “Oh no, it’s raining! Too bad, the party’s over, or moved to the inside!”  Later, I discovered from Mommy and Daddy, that the party continued in the rain until the rain broke off a big portion of the skating rink constructed in his friend’s back yard!  But it seemed that both KJ and his sister, Kaelyn, were fine and full of cheer when they arrived home, so, I didn’t think anything of it until last night, when KJ complained of a headache.


So I picked him up and we came home immediately.  The nurse let us know that he couldn’t come back to school tomorrow because they have a “24-hour No-Temperature Rule”, and it was already after 2pm.  So, I told her we’ll work on the fever and see if he’ll be ready for school on Friday.


When we arrived home, my granddaughter wanted to see the movie Lion King on DVD, so I put that on, and they both quietly watched the movie.  While they were being entertained, I got back to my computer and checked my email, I noticed that Posterous had sent me a message, informing me of a new Subscriber to my Posterous Blog, Tammy Camp!  I was quite pleased about it because she is my very first Subscriber, and I’ve had Posterous for over a year now!  What was even more surprising was that when I visited her Posterous site, I discovered that she was a very exciting and vibrant young woman who was thoroughly enjoying life, kite boarding, and traveling all over the world having plenty fun!  And I thought how nice it was to know and see women having the “time of their lives” doing exactly what they want to do, and enjoying it to the max!  And then, I saw that she was also on Twitter, so I visited her Twitter Page, and discovered that she had over 21,000 followers!  Needless to say, she’s VERY POPULAR, an it’s easy to see why!  She’s very engaging, inspiring, and outgoing, and an absolute joy to “Follow”!


But back to the REAL reason for this longer-than-I-expected story…


As I viewed the top few of her Twitter posts, one of her Twitter buddies was discussing how Oregano Oil was great for curing Colds, Flu, etc., and it caught my eye because it instantly reminded me that I already had some Oregano Oil in the house and I could prepare some for KJ to help combat nay viruses and bacteria he had contracted over the pass few days!  I bought it about five years ago, when I discovered how good it was when it came to killing viruses, bacteria and germs!  So, I immediately put a couple of drops in some water and let KJ take a few sips.  I don’t think that I would have thought about it without that unexpected wonderful and timely reminder! 


Thank You, Tammy Camp, for being my FIRST Subscriber AND for being a GREAT “CONNECTOR”!    

I’m Lovin’ it! 


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