Messages From God

Along my Journey to become more “instinctive”…  

Last night, I was up rather late on FaceBook, casually looking through the posts of my friends, when the Instant Message window popped open and someone named “Jeff” wrote “HELLOW”.  Now, normally I avoid chats because they take all of your attention.  However, I wasn’t involved with any special activity at the time, so I chatted a bit with Jeff.  So he shared that he had been looking forward to chatting with me, and I was quite surprised!  He asked if I was into spiritual energy, and I said, yes.  He said “Great, we have something in common!”  So we asked questions about where we lived and what we did.  I told him about studying Kabbalah and writing articles for my Natural Cancer Cures website.  And then he asked me if I had ever heard of Ganoderma, and I had not.  He then proceeded to tell me that he owned an herb farm in Vietnam and Malaysia growing a variety of mushrooms, and Ganoderma was one of the types of mushrooms he grew, which had medicinal properties.  We chatted a little more about auras, and ended up exchanging website information, and after we said good night, I immediately went to view his two websites, and I was very impressed because both of the websites were very professional and on one, he had a complete line of about two dozen products with about 1/3 of them made from the Ganoderma mushroom, and the rest were a variety of teas, coffees and dietary supplements.  And then, I was also surprised that he was using Multi-Level Marketing to sell his products!  I thought, “What a nice introduction to a well-accomplished businessman!”

…and so the next day…

I had an 11am appointment to meet with an old friend I hadn’t seen in at least ten years, to purchase one of his books.  He was not at the agreed meeting place, so I gave him a call.  It seemed that his car had stopped on him and he was getting a ride home to his house, but he wouldn’t be there for another half hour.  Normally, I would have just arranged to get the book another day, but I wasn’t really busy, the sun was out, and my granddaughter was enjoying the ride, so I decided to just “hang out”  eating Seaweed Snack and waited for him to arrive back at his house.  

We were so-o-o-o-o happy to see each other, and gave a big long hug!  And as we talked, racing to catch each other up for the last 10 years, he shared some information about the Special Report I was getting from him. The Government spent $35 Million of the American peoples’ money to have the 5-year research done on Human Nutrition, and even though the research was completed in 1971, our wonderful government did not release the report until 1976, and just stuck it in the libraries across the nation, where it was eventually discovered and publicized!  I was sure that the report would substantiate my findings that optimum health maintenance and the curing of disease must be supported by organic raw fruits and vegetables!

My friend showed me his composting bin which had lots of worms, and the area in the back yard where the vegetable garden was going to be planted.  I was almost ready to leave, because my granddaughter woke up from her brief nap, when my friend went into the kitchen and brought out a big mug and said “taste this”.  Now, I’m not a coffee drinker at all, but this warm drink  had just a hint of coffee flavor with a little bit of honey and cinnamon… and it was very good!  I asked him who made the coffee, and mind you, this was the first time that I had physically seen or spoken to this particular friend in over ten years!  When he brought out the box of coffee from the kitchen…


It was a box of JEFF’S Ganoderma Coffee that I had just seen on the website 

for the very first time, the night before!

How cool was that????  J

God is just full of surprises, big and small,

We must learn to listen and embrace them ALL!


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