Find Out What Those Food Cravings REALLY Mean and How to CURE them!

From time to time, I know that many of us have, or have had, different food cravings throughout our lives!  I remember back in 1999-2002, I had a terrible craving for unsalted tops NABISCO SALTINE CRACKERS (in the green box).  I was eating at least ONE BOX EACH DAY, so whenever there was a sale on those crackers, I would go and buy 10-20 boxes, to last me until the next sale (Well, their normal price was $3/bx!)!  Yeah, it was REALLY BAD! šŸ˜¦   I even jokingly called myself a “CRACKER HEAD”, when others made comments about it!  I knew that it was some kind of deficiency, but I didn’t know how to find out what deficiency it was in my diet, so I just kept on eating…
To this day, I don’t know exactly when that craving went away,  but I think that in 2003 when my daughter got married in Hawaii, I was eating the best seafood and fish for about a week during my stay there, and that cured me!  Now, when I look at this handy chart, I see that I was lacking Nitrogen, and the seafood and fish solved the problem! 
Hopefully, this chart put together by Dr. Colleen Huber will help those of you out there who are ACTUALLY looking FOR SOLUTIONS to your cravings, FIND YOUR CURE!
Have fun and be healthy! šŸ™‚


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