FDA story link is not working please do Google Search for “FDA bans injectable vitamin c”

Sorry, to discover the link did not work, but I did find multiple articles on this subject by doing a Google Search for “FDA bans injectable vitamin C”.  Something is definitely happening in this area!  Some of the Searches indicate that this information is NOT true, but from reading Barry Lynes Book, The Cancer Cure That Worked”, I know that the FDA is capable of many surprising unscrupulous acts!  
  The Pharmaceutical companies are pushing hard to get all Supplements under the same scrutiny as their poisonous Drugs because people are discovering that the Supplements actually work and improve the health of WE THE PEOPLE!  So, BEWARE of the “Boy who Cried Wolf” TRICK, such that the Pharmaceuticals put out false rumors, that by the time that they REALLY make a major move on the Supplement Industry with the FDA, that NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THAT IT IS TRUE, and it will slide under the radar without ANY opposition whatsoever!!

Be Wary and Wise AMERICA…we are in fact in a war for Good Health within our own country!


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