Shh…Listen! … Can you hear Him?….

Yesterday morning, I was awakened with a phone call from a young lady who wanted to get her Rental Application to me for one of our 2-Bedroom Apartments.  I was feeling good, and I could hear the desparation in her voice, so I told her that I would be there to meet with her in 20 minutes. I drank a cup of filtered water before leaving, and I was on my way!  She was there in the apartment waiting for me with her friend, Frank.  Jose, my handyman, had let her in to see the apratment, but had to leave on another appointment, so he suggested that she call me.  She’s a In-Home Health Care Provider and goes and lives with her patient four days out of the week.  She makes very good money.  Unfortuantely, her current landlord is in the last stages of foreclusre, and she has to move almost immediately.  I took the Application and told her that I would verify the information on the Application and call her on Monday.  I already know that she will be approved !


When I returned home, I started my regular regimen of drinking one quart of filtered water with the juice of one lemon squeezed in it.  When I finished drinking that and was preparing to eat, a little voice inside my head said, “Don’t eat too much today…you need to Fast.”  I was a little surprised, because I hadn’t done a fast in over 15 years!  So I prepared my morning “Organic fruit bowl”, and ate that, followed by my Supplements.  I thought to myself, that maybe I would just do a ‘Fruit-Fast” during the day, however, for the rest of the day and night, all I consumed was filtered water with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in a sports bottle, and I was fine!

…That was 24 hours ago, and it’s morning again, and I feel GREAT! 

What’s more, when I awoke this morning, more powerful ideas came to me for the concluding statements on a National Natural Health Initiative Grant Proposal I’m writing that needs to be submitted this week!

  Quiet yourself and your lives so that you can HEAR GOD talking to you and when you do hear HIM…BE OBEDIENT, even if you don’t think that you can do it…HE WILL GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH, if YOU have the right(eous) intention!

  Peace and Blessings To All!…Time to get ready for Church… 🙂


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