Coming “Full Circle” in Spirit!

I’m 60 years old now, and I have not been “inspired” to join any church in all my years, but on March 6th , 2010, I was inspired to join the KRST Unity Center of African Spirituality, and I must say that I was totally surprised to hear the same teachings of Kabbalah paralleled and simplified throughout Rev. Byrd’s teachings on African Spirituality and the Principals of Maat!  Could it be that the two wisdoms were connected?…  When I last visited this church, the name of the Church was Christ Unity Center, and there was a Christian Morning Service at about 11am, and an African Spirituality Training session at 5pm.  Now, is seems that African Spirituality has been totally accepted and embraced by the entire Membership and is the main focus of the Center!


I learned that the wisdom of African Spirituality was founded by the Kemetic Tribes in Ancient Africa… long before Kabbalah, and simply acknowledges that Universal Laws governing everything, and that we are one with the Creator, having the same powers and abilities, one of which is to speak things into existence with the powerful words “Let There Be”…, and to confirm our identity with the powerful words “I am”!   Through meditation and physical, emotional, and mental disciplines, we become more like the TRUE Gods and Goddesses that we are!  I find this understanding much easier to follow and practice, as opposed to the complex 125 degrees of corrections necessary to achieve reconnection with the Creator, as taught by Kabbalah!


So, it seems that I’ve come “full circle” with my spirituality training, and it’s back to basics with study of the original  “wisdom”!  I’m so happy to have found my spiritual “home”!  😀


Peace and Blessings to All!

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