I was quite surprised and angry at an email I received first thing this morning from a good friend of mine about the North Carolina Legislature actually scheduled today to vote on an Act to Clarify the Penalty For Unauthorized Practice of Medicine.  My sensitivity to such an issue was heightened by the fact that I had just finished viewing the film HOXSEY: When Healing Becomes a Crime, and able to witness through the camera lens directed by Kenny Ausubel, the lies and the blatant persecution techniques perpetrated against Harry Hoxsey and the Hoxsey Therapy, which actually cured thousands of people of Cancer.   The attacks, lies, unfair treatment and criminal acts against Harry Hoxsey from the AMA, FDA, and NCI, were nothing less that egotistically and monetarily inspired by the entire Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry to perpetrate the continued death, destruction and suffering of the American People for dollars!

The research and “discovery” to provide conclusive evidence and the foundation for the filing of a CLASS ACTION SUIT against the AMA, FDA, ACS, NCI, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Bristol-Meyers, Squibb, Merck Parke-Davis Abbott, Eli Lilly and a host of other companies who produce the poisonous chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients, has already been done!  The book,  “When Healing Becomes a Crime” by Kenny Ausubel, and “The Cancer Cure That Worked” By Barry Lynes, are two well-documented sources and a must read for anyone who wants to know the TRUTH and really understand “The Cancer GAME”!

The more I read and learn about the “Cancer Game” that has been played on the American People (and the world), the angrier and more pissed-off I get, because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA HAVE DIED UNNECESSARILY at the hands of “robotic” licensed Medical physicians who are brain-washed, forced,  and too scared to recommend anything other than dangerous Radiation, mutilating Surgery, and poisonous Chemotherapy to Cancer Patients!   How is it that MAKING MONEY has trumped saving HUMAN LIVES???!!!  

“Making a Million Dollars is wonderful, but Helping a Million People is PRICELESS!”

Well, after over 100 years of DYING Unnecessarily from Cancer, I feel that it’s time that the American people FOUGHT BACK! 

This single piece of legislation in North Carolina is the “inch” the American Medical Association and Pharmaceutical Industry will use to take away our “Medical Freedom” that was decided upon by the United States Supreme Court in the 80’s, and most, including myself, have taken this Freedom for granted, but now it seems that it can be snatched away at any time, one state at a time, in the not so far future of this country by the greedy war-mongers in the pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, AND our own Government, who value MONEY over HUMAN LIFE!  I, for one, will be fighting such Legislation with all my capabilities, because over 7 million People around the world are dying unnecessarily of Cancer EVERY YEAR, and they are strategically engineering it to escalate to 20 MILLION over the next ten years because they have so many people on poisonous drugs that intoxicate their livers, breathing and eating so many carcinogens in our air and food, and being exposed to cancer-causing radiation like Mammograms and X-Rays, that the ONLY outcome is continued and escalated CANCER for the WORLD!

Wake-up America!!!!…Wake-up World!!!

You have been DUPED into being sick ALL OF THE TIME until you DIE!!!!


If you have a family member, or loved-one, who you feel died from Cancer unnecessarily, and want to be part of a possible CLASS ACTION SUIT, send your STORY with your name, email address and telephone number, along with the cancer patient’s story, including full name, dates, ages, hospitals, doctors, etc., to yournaturalcancercures@gmail.com , where the information will be compiled and given to the Law Firm that steps forward to represent WE the American People!

I feel in my spirit that WE THE PEOPLE can RIGHT this gross 100-YEAR INJUSTICE TO AMERICAN CITIZENS…staring with YOU!!!


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