Getting the DIVINE LIGHT is EASY and Available to ALL!

Since I was about 20 years old, I’ve been in search for “connecting with the Creator” through various meditations like Transcendental Meditation and Jose Silva Mind Control.  Last year, I studied KABBALAH, which focuses much attention on being able to receive the “light” from the Creator.  They claim to be the “oldest” Spiritual Wisdom in the world, but I think that they may really mean “in Europe, or Asia”, (where it originated secretly in caves), simply because Ancient Egyptian Kemetic African Spirituality and the Principals of MAAT have existed for tens of thousands of years with our Ancient African Ancestors!  

So, back to Kabbalah…

They teach that there are 125 “steps” of spiritual enlightenment from our corporeal world back to the Creator, but unfortunately, there’s no way of actually telling which “step” of spiritual enlightenment, you are on, which made it somewhat “abstract” to me in my studies.  I felt that even though I understood the goal of Unconditional Love and Bestowal, to become like the Creator, and I was studying and reading the books and lessons presented, I ultimately ended up “floating” in uncertainty, and on a nebulous treadmill.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to discover an email from my friend Barbara, with this  to Sukyo Mahikari!  Here is an organization that FREELY gives Divine Light to others with the intent to change the world, one spirit at a time!  And, if you are so inspired, will teach YOU how to give Divine Light to others!!!

I have often expressed in several of my articles that the world is like it is because the people in control of our countries, governments, and corporations are “spiritually bankrupt”, and therefore, do not have the spiritual capability to be righteous, and “do the right thing” for the world, or even their own country, state or city!  Sukyo Mahikari is systematically altering people’s spirituality in positive ways to better the world, and I suggest, if you do happen to live close to one of their Worldwide Centers that you GO AND RECEIVE DIVINE LIGHT!  

They have over One Million Members around the world who are capable of “giving Light”, so even if you don’t live close enough to one of the Centers, by calling, they may be able to connect you to one, or more of their Members in your area!

As of this writing, I have received light twice, and I have noticed more CLARITY in my thought as well as feeling perfectly “in the flow” of Life.  each person’s experience is different and unique, based on your spiritual and physical needs!  Go and get THE LIGHT!  i’M SURE THAT YOU WILL BE VERY GLAD THAT YOU DID!  😀


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