Let’s Help Each Other to THRIVE!

I just got back from picking some delicious tangerines from my next door neighbor’s tree.  And I had to think, that just a year ago this tree had only 3-5 very small tangerines on it, but enough to let me delightfully recognize, from looking out of our 2nd floor window, that it was a tangerine tree!  I had already celebrated the existence of the beautiful lemon tree, but hadn’t paid attention to any of the other trees in his yard.

(As you may, or not know, LEMONS ARE PRICELESS when it comes to maintaining good health, so I have the fresh juice of one or two lemons in my water just about every morning!  Jethro Kloss says in his famous herbal book, “BACK TO EDEN”, that if you drink the juice of 4 fresh lemons every day, then you will never be sick!!!) 

So, back to the Tangerine tree: I could tell that my neighbor was too busy to think about any of the trees in his yard, so one day, I told him that I noticed that he had a tangerine tree in his yard that needed some water to make it grow and produce fruit.  I offered to water it on a regular basis, so that “we” would have tangerines to eat, and he said the magic words, “Go right ahead!”  I immediately started watering and giving the tree, Citrus Plant Food, and now it has at least 60-100 tangerines happily growing on it!  I like the fruit to be totally orange when I pick it, so I schedule “Picking-Parties” every two or three weeks!  Last party yielded about 20 tangerines because that was the first harvest, but today, I only picked nine…just enough for me to enjoy immediately and save a few for the grandchildren. 

As I was cheerfully eating this tasty fruit of delight, I thought that the tree was in the Survival mode, just a year ago when I first recognized it, but now that it received some LOVE, CARE AND SUPPORT, it kicked into “Thrivival” Mode,  very much like children…and YOU and ME!   We have a lot in common with Plants, such that, as we embrace them… we embrace ourselves! 😀




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