Do You Want To Go To Heaven?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve thoroughly embraced the teachings of Shumei.  The Founder of the organization, Mokichi Okada, believed that it is possible to create “Heaven on Earth”  through the Divine Light Spiritual Purification procedure, that he called, Jyorei, practicing natural agriculture, and taking the time to create, acknowledge and savor art and other beautiful things in the world, like flowers.  His teachings resonate with my spirit since I formally studied Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but in my quest for money, have “kicked that aspect of my creativity to the curb”.  I now better understand the Life’s balances necessary to actually make our experience here to become “Heaven on Earth”

Last weekend I was blessed to be in the Bay area on a 4-Day Retreat with Bruce Lipton and Robert Williams, both personally presenting their revolutionary concepts of “The Biology of Perception” and The Psychology of Change”. (If you haven’t already enjoyed one of their videos, you can do so here:  One of my friends asked what was the major “take away” that I received from the Retreat, and I told her that they made it VERY CLEAR that each of one of us defines our life on a daily basis, and if we want to change it, then we need to change our Beliefs in our Subconscious Mind.  These Beliefs govern all of our attitudes and behavior, so we should pay close attention to them, and work on changing them, when we discover that they do not support our “Desired Lifestyle”

Robert’s PSYCH-K Procedure gives us simple and easy-to-use tools for making these desired changes, so in short, I came away from that 4-Day Experience feeling like a “Super Woman”, able to effect change throughout the world by enacting positive changes in myself!  And as I practice discovering my true Godly Nature, my Circle of Influence will positively effect others, and join with the Circles of Influence of other “Gods-in-Training”, until eventually, the WORLD is also CHANGED in positive ways!  So, if you want to “Go to Heaven”, then it might help if you “change your Perception” of what you see here on Earth!…i.e. learn to change the “filters” in YOUR EYEGLASSES, until you create “Heaven on Earth” right where YOU live!

Love, Peace and Blessings to ALL!


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