SUPPORT Your Natural Cancer Cures Educational websites Simply by OPTING-IN!

Dear Friends and Family!

As many of you know, I’ve been researching and writing about Natural Cancer Cures since 2009, and the result has been the creation of the following three websites:,, and

All of these websites were created with the hope that people would visit and become educated about successful and proven Alternative and Natural Cures for Cancer, which have existed since 1840, when a HORSE cured himself of Cancer by simply eating some HERBS on the farm (see story on site SEARCH = HORSE!  These sites now collectively have over 2,000 Unique Visitors each day and climbing, so I’m pretty sure that the interest in my research is valid and helping people around the world naturally battle cancer!

Now, the next step is to MAKE ENOUGH MONEY so that I can ADVERTISE the websites with BILLBOARDS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, so that eventually MILLIONS of people have access to this vital information that can SAVE THEIR LIVES!…And YOU CAN HELP with this goal with three (3) EASY STEPS : 1) visiting this site:  AND 2) OPTING-IN with your first name and email address over on the right, and 3) Confirming your Email!  There’s a company called Affiliate-X that will give $2.00 to YOUTH PUBLICATIONS, INC., our non-profit organization, for each OPT-IN, so in essence, you can help finance our cause WITHOUT ANY MONEY from YOUR pocket!   …Isn’t THAT WONDERFUL?????!

PLEASE NOTE: You can also, go through six (6) steps and generate the same $2.00 per OPT-IN email address income for YOU, if you’re looking to a create some extra money for yourself on-line!

Thanks in advance for your IMMEDIATE support!

Love, Peace and Blessings to All!

Annie Pierce


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