How Do You Feel?…

The Ceremony on Friday, December 23rd, 2011 in which i received my Ohikari was exhilarating!  Not only was I receiving my Ohikari, which marked my Spiritual Rebirth, it was the Birthday of Okitchi Okada (Meishusama), who developed and perfected the technique of Jyorei!  So it was a DOUBLE CELEBRATION!  I was trained by Sensei Steven in giving my very first Jyorei to Anna Marie Carter (The Seed Lady of Watts), and she said that while she was receiving the Divine Light that she could tell when I was nervous in the beginning, but said that after I relaxed, the Light came to her like a “flood” of brilliant Light!  I was quite pleased to hear that!  The next day Anna called me and asked, “How do you feel?”, and all I could respond at that time was “Unspeakable Joy!” because I had no words to describe the feeling!  Yesterday, very early Sunday morning, the REAL answer to the question, “How do you feel?”, came rushing to me so directly and straight-forward that I was somewhat surprised! 

This is how I feel…

I feel like I have received the “License” to actively participate in the Salvation of Mankind!

Happy Holiday’s to all!

Peace, Love, and Many Blessings to All!



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