What is Necessary of You and Me… RIGHT NOW!

“You have been created in the image of the Creator. This world has lost its

identity with creation. What is, of necessity to understand is the going forth and creating action

and deed that brings you to completion in who you are. It is not enough to pray, it is not enough

to gather groups of humankind for meditation. What is important is to act.”

This is a Quote by TOM in the book “The Only Planet of Choice” by Phyllis V. Schlemmer
I think that it is quite important to note that Tom expressed the absolute importance of ACTION
on our part to complete ourselves as Co-Creators!  It is not enough to
dream, or repeat affirmations, to pray, or meditate, without taking ACTION!

So yes, continue to dream and visualize, affirm, pray and meditate,
but when you’re done…GET-UP AND MOVE YOUR FEET!

Peace, Love and Blessings to All!



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