Focus to Manifest!

To MANIFEST good things in your life, FOCUS on good things in your life…and always express APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE for them (out loud)!

Peace and Blessings to ALL!


‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’  When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.  Concentrate on this sentence… ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’ Something good will happen to you today; something that you have been waiting to hear.   

This is not a joke; someone will call you by phone or will speak to you about something that you were waiting to hear.  Do not break!   

Send it to a minimum of 3 people…   Not before you read below    


There comes a point in your life when you realize:   

Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won’t anymore…
And who always will.
So, don’t worry about people from your past,
there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.

Give these flowers to everyone you don’t want to lose in 2012 
Including me, if that’s what is in your heart.

Try to collect  8 ; it’s not easy!











My daughter sent me this.  Just confirms that she’s in GO(O)D HANDS!!  😀

Wisdom, Love, Life, Abundance, Joy and Harmony to ALL!

    ASAP!! means “Always Say A Prayer”

Please do not break. Just 32 words,
“God, our Father, If it is your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family in Jesus name, Amen.”
This prayer is so powerful.
Pass this to 12 people . Do not break or ask questions.
Does God come first in your life? If so, stop what you are doing & send it to 12 people now. Watch what He does!


If ever you needed a reason to support ORGANIC FOOD, here are several good reasons…

As you can see, Monsanto and Bill Gates are NOT fooling when it comes to creating Global Monopolies!
Start collecting the seeds from ALL of you Organic Fruits and Vegetables, and plant your garden in 2012…you’ll be glad that you did!

Love, Life, Abundance, Wisdom, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!


Poison Food, Occupy Monsanto, and Organic Corruption

I think that it is very interesting that the Protesters INCLUDED one of Monsanto’s very own Share Holders!  It’s a sign that SOMEBODY is FINALLY waking-up to the NATURE of Monsanto’s business!…



Subject: Poison Food, Occupy Monsanto, and Organic Corruption
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 11:34:59 -0500

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Beware of Agent Orange Burgers

Dioxin, a chemical component of the herbicide Agent Orange, is perhaps the most toxic compound synthesized by man. Yet it is still being produced by chemical companies and pesticide manufacturers such as Monsanto, AND dioxin pollution increased 10% in 2010.
Now, as the Environmental Protection Agency is set to release the first part of the dioxin risk assessment it’s been working on since 1985, food industry lobbyists are attempting to block EPA action yet again. Why? The EPA is likely to confirm what the FDA has reported:
“Although dioxins are environmental contaminants, most dioxin exposure occurs through the diet, with over 95% coming through dietary intake of animal fats.”
The food industry doesn’t want you to know that you can easily exceed the daily dioxin limit proposed by the EPA by consuming a single large meal of non-organic animal products. Most of all, the food industry doesn’t want to have to take responsibility for the dioxin contamination. If they did, they would have to submit to common-sense food safety measures, like those embraced by the organic industry, that ban toxic pesticides and slaughterhouse waste from animal feed.
Tell the EPA to release its report on schedule and to not bow down to food industry lobbyists who don’t want us to know what we’re eating. Then watch this video to learn which foods are most likely to contain dioxin.
Take Action & Watch the Video
And, if you haven’t already, please take action on our “Stop Agent Orange Frankencorn” campaign to stop the new generation of genetically engineered crops designed to withstand being drenched with 2,4-D, the 7th-largest source of dioxin pollution in the US.
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Cornucopia Institute Slams Industry and USDA for Violating Organic Standards

The Cornucopia Institute announced it has formally requested the USDA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) to investigate corruption at its National Organic Program (NOP). The NOP is accused of corruption resulting in the use of illegal synthetics in organic food and then allowing powerful corporations to “game the system” for approval “after the fact.”
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Support the OCA and the OCF

The nationwide food fight for safe food and sustainability is escalating.
In 2012, whether we’re talking about getting antibiotics out of animal feed or labeling GMOs, we’re fighting harder than ever. With the 2012 California ballot initiative, and GMO labeling legislation gaining momentum in Vermont, Washington, Connecticut and other states, we have a real chance to hit Monsanto with the skull and crossbones they fear so much – mandatory labels on genetically engineered food. We also plan to step up our efforts to strengthen organic standards and significantly expand the market for organic food and products, especially those produced locally and regionally.
Please be as generous as you can during our January and February fundraising drive.
Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible)
Donate to the Organic Consumers Fund (non-tax-deductible, but necessary for our efforts in California)


Organic Consumers Association Occupies Monsanto Headquarters

Shareholders of Monsanto stocks gathered at the headquarters of the world’s largest biotech company in St. Louis on Tuesday.
Activist Adam Eidinger, an OCA member representing Harrington Investments (a socially responsible investor’s group), got inside the meeting to speak in favor of a shareholders’ resolution which would have studied the “material financial risks or operational impacts associated with its (Monsanto’s) chemical products and genetically modified organisms.” Outside the meeting a crowd of OCA demonstrators gathered in protest. As expected, the resolution was voted down, but the message that Monsanto will someday have to pay for its crimes was heard loud and clear.
Watch TV Coverage Here
Photos Here


New Movie Queen of the Sun Wonders: What Are the Bees Telling Us?

From the director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John comes the new documentary Queen of the Sun, a profound and disturbing look at the global bee crisis. Taking us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive, this film weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the struggles of biodynamic & organic beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world. Engaging and ultimately uplifting, Queen of the Sun features Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Raj Patel, Jeffrey Smith and Gunther Hauk.
Watch Instantly & Buy the DVD


Attention Programmers!

The Organic Consumers Association is seeking a qualified individual or organization interested in consulting, assisting, and potentially managing a transition to a new content management system for our website. Knowledge of CFM & PHP, as well as systems such as Drupal, Mura, Expression Engine, etc., could be of great benefit to our mission.

  Please send an email to tech [AT] and include detailed information outlining your expertise as well as references.


Little Bytes: Top Stories of the Week

Monsanto: ‘There is No Need for, or Value in Testing the Safety of GM Foods in Humans’
Warning: Medical Experts Are Now Working for Drug Companies
The Uphill Battle Against Citizens United and Corporate Personhood
The Scientist: Jim Hansen Risks Handcuffs to Make His Research Clear
Drinking Toxic Fruit Juices May Lead to Arsenic Poisoning


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The Only Reason You Don’t Have A Job…

I was talking to my good friend, the Seed Lady of Watts, today and she made a very PROFOUND statement of TRUTH,

 “The only reason you don’t have a job is because YOU haven’t CREATED it yet!”

Now, she was using it in the context of encouraging young people to get off their “behinds” and use their brains to create a “value-added product” from the natural Organic produce growing all around them (in Watts), but the more I thought about that statement, the more I thought about the SPIRITUAL TRUTH it represented and connected it to our Godly natural powers to MANIFEST material things with the correct amount of THOUGHT, DESIRE, EMOTION and ENERGY to MOVE and ACT!

That is the most compelling REASON to eat LIVE ORGANIC FOODS everyday!  The LIVE ENZYMES, which are ONLY found in Organic live Foods, are the ONLY biochemical substances that give HUMANS the ENERGY and power to act like the GODS AND GODDESSES that we are!  The more you become “purified” in Spirit, Mind, and Body (by eating Organic Foods), the more you can THINK, SPEAK, and M-A-N-I-F-E-S-T what ever you want!  Try it, you’ll like it!  😀

Wisdom, Love, Life, Abundance, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!



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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Much Love and appreciation to all of you!


Please read asap.  Helpful info Be sure pass on to your loved ones…. 


Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 05:51:52 +0000
From: FYI.



This request is time sensitive as we rapidly approach Spring.


Anna Marie Carter, famously known as The Seed Lady of Watts, has decided to become a ProActive part of the SOULUTION for disadvantaged residents of California through her ACT SLOW Ministries.


“Our new 20-Acre Organic Farm in historical Allensworth, California is dedicated to the women and children of the world!” proclaims Ms. Carter.  “We teach everyone how to grow more of their own food, organically!” 


A Master Gardner with a legacy of 11,100 Organic Gardens built in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Carter has named the farm, THE PROMISED LAND – honoring Dr. George Washington Carver, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Colonel Allen Allensworth, and all of the Ancestors that paved the way.


“We now begin to build greenhouses, for I am very concerned about the health of both the seniors and babies”, states Ms. Carter.  


Besides the growing and distribution of Organic produce to feed malnourished seniors and children, THE GREEN SEED PROJECT at The Promised Land is an Organic Agricultural University, where women and children from Los Angeles and beyond, can come to learn how to build Green Houses, how to perform Organic Green House Gardening, and how to systematically harvest and save Organic Seeds for the future!  Ms. Carter is also very interested in teaching the Agricultural University Students how to develop and manufacture their own value-added products from the Organic produce, for increasing the economic viability within their respective communities.


We’re hoping that individuals like yourself and organizations like yours will be willing to Adopt-A- Green House for the materials cost in any desired amount.   In gratitude and appreciation, we will be proud to display your name, or the name of your organization on each Green House sponsored.


We are accepting Donations directly into the ACT SLOW Ministries Account at our building supply vendor, Delano Building Materials, 1434 Glenwood Street,  Delano, CA 93215-2035  (661) 725-0880. Please speak to Richard or Russell when you call!


Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation in this important historical undertaking!



Annie Pierce

Executive Director

The Promised Land

323-839-1235 (private cell, not for publishing)


Anna Marie Carter


The Promised Land



If ever you needed a reason to support the Seed Lady of Watts and THE PROMISED LAND IN ALLENSWORTH,  CA, here are several good reasons…

As you can see, Monsanto and Bill Gates are NOT fooling when it comes to creating Global Monopolies!
Start collecting the seeds from ALL of you Organic Fruits and Vegetables, and plant your garden in 2012…you’ll be glad that you did!

Love, Life, Abundance, Wisdom, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!


Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Date: 1/17/2012 9:40:59 AM
Subject: [know thyself] Non-GMO Shopping Guide

For those interested. See attached.

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January 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Anna Marie Carter, The Seed Lady of Watts, has spent the last 37 years of her life planting over 11,100 gardens in Watts, California and harvesting seeds for posterity.  She has now retired from her selfless Community Garden work in Watts and is working diligently to build an Organic Agricultural University for Women and Children on the 20-Acre Promised Land in Historic Allensworth, California, the very first all-Black town in California.


The immediate need of this historic venture is the paying of the $800/month 20-year Lease for the 20-Acre Farm, and the building of the first $5,000 – 10ft. by 30ft. Green House to immediately start  the growing and harvesting of the millions of Heirloom Organic Seeds that she has been collecting since 1975. 

“Not very many people understand the importance of the Organic Seed,” says Miss Carter, “and the time is quickly approaching when Organic Seeds will be more valuable than money!”


Everyone is invited to share in Miss Carter’s extraordinary vision by joining The Promised Land’s GREEN SEED CLUB with a $10.00 Membership Donation.  These funds will be used to build Green houses on the Promised Land to produce fresh Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Seeds for distribution to all the Green Seed Club Members in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and beyond, so that all the Members can begin growing their own Organic food in their personal gardens!


All donations and Membership requests can be mailed directly to ACT SLOW MINISTRIES, P.O. BOX 431312, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90043, or you can DONATE BY CREDIT CARD through Youth Publications by visiting, using the orange “DONATE BUTTON” over on the upper right side of the webpage.  Remember that all Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and please be sure to include your complete Name, Address, Telephone number and Email Address on your checks, so that we can communicate with you in the future with updates on the progress at THE PROMISE LAND! 

Miss Carter has taken DEFINITIVE STEPS to SAVE HUMANITY with the leasing of this land in Historic Allensworth, CA and WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT HER IN ANY WAY THAT WE CAN!


For more information about other ways to support THE PROMISED LAND, including direct donations of building materials for the first Green House, please contact the Watts Garden Club at 323-969-4740.

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