LOVE Can Save The World!

I have known instinctively that LOVE is powerful enough to save the world and all of HUMANITY, and all we have to do is practice and emanate it from our spirit in every way… to ourselves, to each other, to God, and to Mother Earth!  

This is a quote from TOM in the Book, “The Only Planet of Choice” by Phyllis V. Schlemmer

“Remember this: without meditation, without love for humanity, without prayers, without love for Planet Earth, there could be many serious catastrophes. But with prayer and love it is possible to release the pressure. When the time of decision on Planet Earth comes, all the Universe will be working in conjunction with humanity to release the pressures upon Planet Earth. But if within you humans, and we speak to you all, if you generate great fear, then this negates part of that which the civilizations are trying to do – to prevent catastrophe. It is possible to prevent catastrophe completely, and we would hope that could be done. But there is a possibility that catastrophe will not be negated totally. For there are those that oppose you, that are functioning to control the planet Earth.”


“But… If humanity causes its own extinction, then billions of souls are trapped within the Earth spheres for millions upon millions of your years. The bottlenecking has already stopped the growth of the Universe. It is necessary for the civilizations to have an influence, for there is not time for humanity to come to a solution within itself, alone without help. So the civilizations come with great love to help people upon Planet Earth. To help them help themselves.”

Please take a little time to read passages from this Book!  Here’s the link! 


Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Harmony and LIFE to ALL!



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