I know that as a Christian, I have often heard over the years, the Bible phrase, “Ask and it will be given unto you!”  

Well, I was pleased to hear that very same request from the Celestial Spirits to us earthlings, represented by TOM, in the book, 
“The Only Planet of Choice” by Phyllis Schlemmer, 

 Here is the quote from TOM:

“Remember this: to be in service is to pay for that service. For in truth, there are those that would 
like to remove your awareness and your knowledge. Respect them, do not laugh at them, but be 
firm in your faith, and they cannot deter you, nor harm you. If they create difficulty for you, then, 
with your mind, see yourself being swept from the ground to your head with our love, our light, 
and our joy in you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not proudly do all by yourself. We cannot 
help if you do not ask. We do not interfere in your free will. But even with all our love for those 
that are in service to us, and for the sake of all the souls upon Planet Earth, without your asking 
we cannot help. Be not as proud as Planet Earth has been, for much of its existence, acting 
independently and wishing to do so on its own. It is in togetherness that the planet Earth will  
come out of its bondage – togetherness with us, the civilizations in service and the souls in 
service upon Planet Earth.” 

“You are not as inadequate as you would like to believe. To believe that you are inadequate 
may be used at times as an excuse. When there is a difficulty before you, place the situation with 
us and it will be resolved. Give us those things which you call inadequate, and believe in yourself 
and that we will help. There are no inadequacies between us. Know that in your heart. Yes.”
So, it’s very clear to me that we have some very POWERFUL partners that want to see Earth win 
and return to Spiritual and Material Balance because earth was designed to be a paradise!

Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Life, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!



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