Anna Marie Carter, The Seed Lady of Watts, has spent the last 37 years of her life planting over 11,100 gardens in Watts, California and harvesting seeds for posterity.  She has now retired from her selfless Community Garden work in Watts and is working diligently to build an Organic Agricultural University for Women and Children on the 20-Acre Promised Land in Historic Allensworth, California, the very first all-Black town in California.


The immediate need of this historic venture is the paying of the $800/month 20-year Lease for the 20-Acre Farm, and the building of the first $5,000 – 10ft. by 30ft. Green House to immediately start  the growing and harvesting of the millions of Heirloom Organic Seeds that she has been collecting since 1975. 

“Not very many people understand the importance of the Organic Seed,” says Miss Carter, “and the time is quickly approaching when Organic Seeds will be more valuable than money!”


Everyone is invited to share in Miss Carter’s extraordinary vision by joining The Promised Land’s GREEN SEED CLUB with a $10.00 Membership Donation.  These funds will be used to build Green houses on the Promised Land to produce fresh Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Seeds for distribution to all the Green Seed Club Members in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and beyond, so that all the Members can begin growing their own Organic food in their personal gardens!


All donations and Membership requests can be mailed directly to ACT SLOW MINISTRIES, P.O. BOX 431312, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90043, or you can DONATE BY CREDIT CARD through Youth Publications by visiting, using the orange “DONATE BUTTON” over on the upper right side of the webpage.  Remember that all Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and please be sure to include your complete Name, Address, Telephone number and Email Address on your checks, so that we can communicate with you in the future with updates on the progress at THE PROMISE LAND! 

Miss Carter has taken DEFINITIVE STEPS to SAVE HUMANITY with the leasing of this land in Historic Allensworth, CA and WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT HER IN ANY WAY THAT WE CAN!


For more information about other ways to support THE PROMISED LAND, including direct donations of building materials for the first Green House, please contact the Watts Garden Club at 323-969-4740.

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