This request is time sensitive as we rapidly approach Spring.


Anna Marie Carter, famously known as The Seed Lady of Watts, has decided to become a ProActive part of the SOULUTION for disadvantaged residents of California through her ACT SLOW Ministries.


“Our new 20-Acre Organic Farm in historical Allensworth, California is dedicated to the women and children of the world!” proclaims Ms. Carter.  “We teach everyone how to grow more of their own food, organically!” 


A Master Gardner with a legacy of 11,100 Organic Gardens built in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Carter has named the farm, THE PROMISED LAND – honoring Dr. George Washington Carver, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Colonel Allen Allensworth, and all of the Ancestors that paved the way.


“We now begin to build greenhouses, for I am very concerned about the health of both the seniors and babies”, states Ms. Carter.  


Besides the growing and distribution of Organic produce to feed malnourished seniors and children, THE GREEN SEED PROJECT at The Promised Land is an Organic Agricultural University, where women and children from Los Angeles and beyond, can come to learn how to build Green Houses, how to perform Organic Green House Gardening, and how to systematically harvest and save Organic Seeds for the future!  Ms. Carter is also very interested in teaching the Agricultural University Students how to develop and manufacture their own value-added products from the Organic produce, for increasing the economic viability within their respective communities.


We’re hoping that individuals like yourself and organizations like yours will be willing to Adopt-A- Green House for the materials cost in any desired amount.   In gratitude and appreciation, we will be proud to display your name, or the name of your organization on each Green House sponsored.


We are accepting Donations directly into the ACT SLOW Ministries Account at our building supply vendor, Delano Building Materials, 1434 Glenwood Street,  Delano, CA 93215-2035  (661) 725-0880. Please speak to Richard or Russell when you call!


Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation in this important historical undertaking!



Annie Pierce

Executive Director

The Promised Land

323-839-1235 (private cell, not for publishing)


Anna Marie Carter


The Promised Land


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