52 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

When I received this email, I could not help but think of The Seed Lady of Watts, who informed me today that she created this list over 20 years ago, and has been promoting Nutiva Unrefined, Unfiltered Organic Coconut Oil ever since!  By the time you finish reading this list, I’m sure that you will agree that…

52 Uses for Coconut Oil
  • Eat a spoonful when you need an energy boost.
  • Use it as the base for a homemade body scrub.
  • Use to condition your wooden cutting boards.
  • Use as a super conditioner on your hair (apply to dry hair, leave in as long as possible and then shampoo as normal).
  • Use as a styling agent if you have really dry hair. Just rub a tiny bit on your palms and apply to your hair and style as normal.
  • Keep a little container in your purse for lip moisturizer.
  • Add a spoonful to your dog or cat’s food. CO is great for our furry friends!
  • Replace nasty, unhealthy vegetable oils in your cooking and baking with CO.
  • Make healthy ice cream topping.
  • Use it for oil pulling.
  • Use a tiny dab on your underarms for a natural deodorant.
  • Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream.
  • Add to your bath tub for a moisturizing soak (a drop of peppermint oil is wonderful!).
  • Use as a makeup remover.
  • Use it to help sooth chicken pox, shingles, or other rashes or skin irritations.
  • Use it to treat athlete’s food, ringworm, or other fungal or yeast infections.
  • Take a spoonful with your vitamins to help improve absorption.
  • Spread a thin layer on cuts or burns to speed up healing.
  • Take up to 5 spoonfuls per day for improved thyroid function.
  • Add a spoonful to your smoothies for extra nutrition and flavor.
  • Use on the delicate tissue around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles and sagging.
  • Use as the base for homemade toothpaste or lotion.
  • Use in place of massage oil.
  • Use in place of KY Jelly
  • Use on your baby’s diaper rash or cradle cap.
  • Use to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks.
  • For nursing mothers, use coconut oil on your nipples to prevent cracking and irritation.
  • For nursing mothers, consuming coconut oil will help increase your milk flow.
  • Apply to bee stings or bug bites to soothe and heal the wound.
  • Women can use in the nether regions to relieve yeast infections, dryness, and/or discomfort.
  • Eat a spoonful with each meal to improve digestion.
  • If you’re prone to nosebleeds, coat the inside of your nostrils with coconut oil regularly.
  • Helps soothe and heal hemorrhoids.
  • Take to helps reduce or eliminate migraines.
  • Use as the base for a vapor rub.
  • Mixed with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, or tea tree oil makes an excellent insect repellant.
  • Mix with baking soda for a non-toxic “Goo Gone”.
  • Use to help detox the body during a cleanse or fast.
  • Use as a metal polish, but always test a small area first.
  • Use as a leather moisturizer.
  • Season your cast iron pans.
  • Use to oil your pans and baking dishes instead of pan spray.
  • Got gum stuck in your hair? Try using coconut oil to remove without cutting your hair.
  • Use instead of WD-40.
  • Use as a personal lubricant (not safe with latex).
  • Take a spoonful to help with heartburn, acid reflux, or indigestion.
  • Use as a natural sunscreen.
  • Mix with a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice and use as a furniture polish (always test a small area first!).
  • Mix with butter and toss your popcorn in it.
  • Use on cracked or rough heals to help smooth them out.
  • Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them.
  • Use as the base for homemade chocolate candy.
  • Take a couple spoonfuls every day to help overall immune function.

Isn’t YOUR BODY overdue for an OIL CHANGE?   Make it Nutiva Coconut Oil!


Introducing….The Seed Lady of Watts!

Even though I have known The Seed Lady of Waats for over 20 years, this is the first time that I have seen this video, but it’s a good introduction to Anna Marie Carter, what she believes, what her concerns are, and her mission in life!  You’ll be hearing a lot more information about Anna Marie Carter in the very near future!  She’s about to “rock the world of FOOD”!…so stay tuned!



Love, Peace, Health, and Blessings to ALL!


A Child Speaks At the United Nations!

Even the children know that WE are NOT doing our best to alleviate the problems of the world!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to make a difference?????…

Peace, Love, health and Blessings to ALL!



A week or so ago, during my research on ORGANIC TORTILLAS, I ran across the word, “Orgenic”.  At first I thought it was just a typo, but then I ran across “orgenics” in the next sentence or two.  Today I decided to do a little more research!

It seems as though the word “ORGENICS” has been created to further deceive and confuse the public, by creating a new term that sounds and is spelled very similarly to ORGANICS!  They believe that if they take a Genetically Engineered Seed, and grow it Organically, then they can technically call it ORGANICALLY GROWN.  This is good logic for a “trickster” trying to become something that it’s NOT, kind of like those two chickens on TV! 😀   However, when one of my good friends was in the Whole Foods Market, and asked how they thought that “SEEDLESS” Watermelons could EVER be “ORGANIC”, (since God didn’t make any watermelons WITHOUT seeds, or Grapes, for that matter), the Manager became very adamant about the “organic” labeling of their produce, and out of ignorance, stood by the incorrect “Organic Seedless Watermelon” signage.  So, it seems that even the so-called EXPERTS who are selling mislabeled “ORGANIC” foods, don’t even know that what they are selling is NOT ORGANIC! 

What does this mean for YOU and your family???….. That you would want to start growing YOUR OWN organic food for MAXIMUM SAFETY!

…so, back to this word, “ORGENIC”… I assume they are getting “flack”, and a barrage of questions about GMO, and other “tampered-with” foods, being falsely advertised as “organic”,  so they created another word to deceive the poor spellers and non-English speaking people of the world….ORGENICS! 

DON’T BE DECEIVED! …THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!   (Make sure your children, and grandchildren, know this too!)

Remember, ORGANIC has an “A“, and “A” is for APPLE, which is GOOD for you,
while the word ORGENICS, contains the letters “GE” is for “Genetically Engineered”, which is DEADLY for you and your family!


If you don’t yet know about the dangers of GMO foods, please take the time to quickly get up-to-speed on these diabolical foods by reading and viewing the following articles and videos about GMO Foods!  Your family’s health and well-being is at STAKE! http://www.yournaturalcancercures.com/cancer-diet-3/the-future-of-food AND ESPECIALLY Jeffrey Smith Video, entitled, “Everything You Need to know about Genetically Modified Foods”, at this link


And here with Jeff Smith again… http://www.responsibletechnology.org/blog/1782

Peace, Health and Blessing to ALL!



It’s good seeing Young Men DOING something POSITIVE!



Orlando teens make fabulous Obama re-election video
Click the link below to see a cool re-election video…and please forward to ALL supporters.

Let’s all DO something!

Thyroid Cancer

Dear Family,

Vital information is coming fast and furious this week!

Protect your self and your loved ones – ASK FOR THE PROTECTIVE FLAP when you get X-rays!

Peace, Love and Belssings to ALL!


On Wednesday, Dr. Oz had a show on the fastest growing cancer in women,
thyroid cancer. It was a very interesting program and he mentioned that
the increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and
mammograms. He demonstrated that on the apron the dentist puts on you for
your dental x-rays there is a little flap that can be lifted up and wrapped
around your neck. Many dentists don’t bother to use it. Also, there is
something called a “thyroid guard” for use during mammograms.
By coincidence, I had my yearly mammogram yesterday. I felt a little silly,
but I asked about the guard and sure enough, the technician had one in a
drawer. I asked why it wasn’t routinely used. Answer: “I don’t know.
You have to ask for it.” Well, if I hadn’t seen the show, how would I have
known to ask?
We need to pass this on to our daughters, nieces, mothers and all our
female friends and husbands tell your wives!! I just did, now you send it
on to your list.
Someone was nice enough to forward this to me. I hope you pass this on to
your friends and family.

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Whole Fraud: Exposing the Myth of So-Called Natural Foods

Here’s your chance to TAKE ACTION, people!


Peace love and blessings to ALL!


Subject: Whole Fraud: Exposing the Myth of So-Called Natural Foods
To: annie_pierce@hotmail.com
From: ronniecummins@organicconsumers.org
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 13:00:42 -0500

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Whole Fraud: Exposing the Myth of So-Called Natural Foods

Whole Foods Market is attacking the Organic Consumers Association again. They say we’re too “hard-line” for insisting that they stop selling, or at least start labeling, so-called “natural” foods in their stores that are laced with unlabeled, hazardous genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.
What do you think? Should Whole Foods label their so-called “Natural” foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients?
Learn More & Take Action


Below Are a Few GMO Labeling Campaigns Whole Foods Should Support


Ask Congress to Tell FDA to Label GMOs

The Organic Consumers Association was among 450 organizations and businesses who joined together under the “Just Label It” banner to file a legal petition urging the Food & Drug Administration to require clear labeling of genetically engineered foods.
Now, we’re joining an effort begun by our ally, the Truth In Labeling Coalition, to organize supporters in Congress to send a letter to the FDA. This week, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Peter DeFazio began circulating a letter asking their fellow legislators to join them in writing the FDA in support of the Just Label It petition. This “Dear Colleague” letter reads, in part:
“Opponents of providing consumers this basic right to information will argue that it would only confuse consumers, be costly, or imply that the products are unsafe. Yet, the FDA requires the labeling of over 3,000 ingredients, additives, and processes. Providing basic information doesn’t confuse the public, it empowers them to make choices. Without labeling, consumers will continue to be deceived by current labeling practices. For example nearly 80% of processed foods on supermarket shelves contain GE ingredients, many marketed with labels such as ‘all natural’ or ‘natural’.”
Please write your Senators and Member of Congress, asking them to join Boxer and DeFazio.
Take Action


The California Label GMOs 2012 Ballot Initiative

Polling shows 80% of CA voters support labels on genetically engineered foods. They want the right to know what they’re eating and they’re going to have the chance to win it at the polls in November 2012.
Signature gathering is set to begin February 18 and we’ll have until April 18 to submit 504,760 valid signatures. To be safe, we need to collect 800,000.
We need your help!
Learn More and Volunteer


Attend a Label GMOs Event


State Legislation to Label GMOs

In the 2011-2012 legislative session, 17 states introduced legislation to label GMOs.
In Washington, the Monsanto-funded chairs of the Agriculture Committees blocked votes on SB 6298 and HB 2637 despite hearings packed with supporters, but advocates feel the show of public support was a measurable “win” and are committed to another push next session, or an initiative if necessary.   The number of calls and emails on GMO labels in WA is second only to gay marriage – without a single comment in support of Monsanto’s position!  
Learn More

  In Hawaii, SB 2279 still has a chance if we can get enough letters and calls to Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Nishihara urging him to hear the bill. If you’re in Honolulu, visit Senator Nishihara in his capitol office, room 204. Otherwise, please contact him by phone at 808-586-6970 or email at sennishihara@capitol.hawaii.gov. A successful lobby day for this bill on Tuesday generated lots of local media.

Rally to Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawaii!

  In Vermont, the Right to Know GMOs coalition composed of the Vermont Northeast Organic Farming Association, Rural Vermont, Vermont Public Interest Research Group, and others has formed to pass H722, the Vermont Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. The Act has been referred to the House Committee on Agriculture where testimony is anticipated to occur later this month. Get ready to come to Montpelier!
Learn More & Take Action
Learn More & Take Action on State Bills Nationwide


Support the OCA and the OCF

In 2012, whether we’re talking about getting antibiotics out of animal feed or labeling GMOs, we’re fighting harder than ever. With the 2012 California Ballot Initiative, and GMO labeling legislation gaining momentum in Vermont, Washington, Connecticut, Hawaii and other states, we have a real chance to hit Monsanto with the skull and crossbones they fear so much – mandatory labels on genetically engineered food. We also plan to step up our efforts to strengthen organic standards and significantly expand the market for organic food and products, especially those produced locally and regionally.
Please be as generous as you can during our February fundraising drive.
Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible)
Donate to the Organic Consumers Fund (non-tax-deductible, but necessary for our efforts in California)


OCCUPY MONSANTO! Secret Video Shows CEO Hugh Grant’s Response to GMO Labeling

On January 24, Monsanto shareholders gathering for their annual meeting were greeted by 50 protesters calling for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) to be labeled in the marketplace. While “Occupy-Monsanto” events are becoming more common worldwide, one activist working on behalf of socially responsible shareholders took the anti-GMO message deep inside the inner circle of Monsanto’s highly paid executives and recorded the encounter. A newly released hidden video is available for unrestricted use by the members of media at a new website. Occupy Monsanto is calling for protests on September 17, 2012, at Monsanto facilities across the globe to demand GMO labeling and the elimination of cancer causing toxic chemicals in our food supply.
Learn More & Watch


Little Bytes: Top Stories of the Week

A Suit Airs Debate on Organic vs. Modified Crops
Occupy vs. Monsanto: Activists, Farmers Fight the Corporation They Fear Will Take Over All America’s Crops
The Seed Emergency: The Threat to Food and Democracy
What’s That Coating on Your Vegetables?
The Scary Danger of Meat (Even For Those Who Don’t Eat It)


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Join the OCA-Endorsed National Buying Club for Organic and Non-GMO Foods: The Green Polka Dot Box

OCA is happy to announce the formation of a new national distribution service for home delivery of organic and non-GMO foods, at 30-50% below the cost of retail, with free shipping on orders of $150 or more. The new national distribution club is called the Green Polka Dot Box (GPDB).
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We can only actively participate in World Peace when we learn how to exist harmoniously within ourselves, with Nature… with each other.

Are YOU an ACTIVE participant for World Peace?

Peace, Love and Blessings to ALL,


Warning: Monsanto practically a government agency

When will WE THE PEOPLE say “NO MORE!”?

Subject: Warning: Monsanto practically a government agency

With the revolving door that is the relationship between Monsanto
and various federal regulatory agencies, we might as well call
Monsanto a part of the administration.

President Obama has appointed the worst man possible to the top
position at the Food and Drug Administration.

Michael R. Taylor (former Monsanto Vice President), has just been
appointed to be the Commissioner of the FDA, a position which would
enable the giant biotech company Monsanto to silently and ‘legally’
feed cancer causing vegetables to every living person.

Here’s the story…



Goodman Green
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Obama: Cut FDA ties to Monsanto

OK everybody!  we need to ALL sign this petition for the future of ORGANICALLY GROWN FOODS!  Get busy, and pass it on!

Peace and Love,


Below is an email from Frederick Ravid, a MoveOn member who created a petition at SignOn.org that is spreading like wildfire on the Internet, and we think you should check it out. If you have concerns or feedback about this petition, click here.

Dear MoveOn member,

President Obama appointed former Monsanto vice president and lobbyist Michael Taylor as senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration commissioner.

This is a classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse. President Obama should isolate the FDA from corporate influence by asking Taylor to step down immediately.

That’s why I created a petition to President Obama on SignOn.org. Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:


The petition says:

President Obama, I oppose your appointment of Michael Taylor, a former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto, the widely criticized genetically modified (GM) food multinational, as senior advisor to the commissioner at the FDA. Taylor is the same person who as a high ranking official at the FDA in the 1990s promoted allowing genetically modified organisms into the U.S. food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks. This is a travesty. 

Taylor was in charge of policy for Monsanto’s now-discredited GM bovine growth hormone (rBGH), which is opposed by many medical and hospital organizations. It was Michael Taylor who pursued a policy that milk from rBGH-treated cows should not be labeled with disclosures. Michael Taylor and Monsanto do not belong in our government. 

President Obama, Monsanto has been seen as a foe to family-based agriculture, the backbone of America, by introducing dangerous changes to plants and animals and by using strong-arm legal tactics against farmers for decades. Naturally occurring plant and animal species are permanently threatened by the introduction of DNA and hormonal modification, Monsanto’s core businesses. 

FDA scientists once regarded genetic modification of the food supply as the single most radical and potentially dangerous threat to public health in history. As early as the 1991, a body of scientific research began to form which now includes articles in over 600 journals. As a whole, these offer scientific evidence that GM foods, hormones, and related pesticides are the root cause for the increase of many serious diseases in the U.S. Since GM foods were introduced, diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses in the U.S. has skyrocketed. These illnesses include changes in major organs and in hormonal, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems. These modifications to foods and food production may also be contributors to colon, breast, lymphatic, and prostate cancers. 

Experts are discouraged that regulators and GM companies systematically overlook potential side effects of GM. Monsanto’s objective to use biotechnology to change the world’s food supply is the opposite policy direction your administration should pursue. Your legacy of supporting Monsanto to have free rein in U.S. food policy is a nightmare scenario that is against the interest of all Americans and world citizens.

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:



–Frederick Ravid

The text above was written by Frederick Ravid, not by MoveOn staff, and MoveOn is not responsible for the content. This email was sent through MoveOn’s secure system, and your information has been kept private.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

This email was sent to ANNIE PIERCE on February 6, 2012. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

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