Plastics…Absolutely Incredible … A MUST READ !

My friend Mary sent this incredible video about the invention that changes plastic back to oil!  When God and the RIGHTEOUS INTENTION in each of us comes together, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  😀

Love, Peace, Health and Blessings to ALL!

 This is one great invention!  Watch the video (This video is captioned as it is in Japanese language.) 

Makes you wonder why this hasn’t been developed to its fullest extent.  We certainly have plenty of plastic garbage!!!

Put  plastic back into the oil it came from  —

Not surprised by this at all, just a case of Japanese ingenuity and perseverance. What a concept to have one in every home instead of a trash compactor!  Better yet, find a way to stop packaging everything in  plastic.
The  sound is in Japanese but reading the subtitles  explains everything. What a great  discovery!>





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