Thanks to you . . . Monsanto knows.

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Subject: Thanks to you . . . Monsanto knows.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:06:04 -0400

Thanks to you . . . Monsanto knows.

Dear Friend,
A sincere thank you to the thousands of you who donated to our special fundraising campaign for the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
Every dollar donated goes directly into the fund that will be used to support Ballot Initiative signature gatherers, media experts, consultants, and lawyers who will work together to get GMO labeling on the ballot, and pass this law in November.
Thank you.
If you weren’t able to pitch in this time, but you’ve signed petitions, or helped get the word out by sharing articles or telling friends about this campaign – or other GMO labeling campaigns – thank you! Every action counts.
Thanks to your support, Monsanto knows that millions of Americans demand the right to know whether or not their food has been genetically engineered, and want an end to the routine practice of labeling or advertising GMO-tainted foods as “natural.”
Thanks to you, the biotech bullies now understand that farmers and consumers are determined get GMOs labeled, state by state, if that’s what it takes.
Thanks to your active support the nationwide and global movement against genetically engineered foods and crops is growing stronger each day.
Big Biotech and Big Food will spend millions trying to defeat our labeling initiative in California. Every dollar we raise between now and November 6 will help us counter their lies with truth.
We still have a lot of work to do between now and election day – but thanks to you, we are building the strongest coalition in history around this critical issue that will affect generations to come.
Thank you.
For an Organic Future,

Ronnie Cummins
Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund

PS: If you haven’t pitched in yet, it’s not too late! You can still make a secure online donation to the Organic Consumers Fund today. Or, you can donate by phone or mail. The Organic Consumers Fund is a 501(c)4 allied organization of the Organic Consumers Association, focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action. Donations are not tax-deductible. If you need a tax deduction, you can donate to the Organic Consumers Association, a 501(c)3. Your donation to the OCA will be used for general public education and grassroots mobilization.


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