How To Speed Up Evolution

Dear Friends and Family,

I could not resist reading THIS EMAIL with the indicated “subject…How To Speed Up Evolution”, because I KNOW for a fact that, “GOD is in a HURRY!…”.  I can tell by how quickly the manifestations of my thoughts occur, and how quickly my decisions are being confirmed on a daily basis.    I’m sure by now, most of you realize that the world is already experiencing a major transformation, or “shift”, as many are calling it, and we ALL have been BLESSED to be living here in this time to not only witness it, but to help bring it about (if we so desire)!  The best advice I can offer you is, make yourself USEFUL to GOD!

Almost exactly two years ago I discovered Kabbalah, and was inspired to study it for one year.  It clarified many basic spiritual understandings for me at that time.  Even though I don’t continue to study Kabbalah on a daily basis, I do like to read the thoughts of Michael Laitman on spirituality and the necessity for UNITY of ALL people!  While I have yet to attend a ONE CONFERENCE, it is definitely high on my “THINGS TO DO LIST”.  I want to personally experience the physical and spiritual feeling of GLOBAL UNITY!..How about YOU!…

ENJOY the article, and maybe one day we’ll meet at the ONE CONVENTION!

Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Health and Abundance,


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How To Speed Up Evolution

Newsletter No. 274
We are now entering a specific phase of evolution where an inner demand to know ourselves is being revealed in us More »
  • From Michael Laitman’s Personal Blog
How To Speed Up Evolution

From Michael Laitman's Personal Blog

There is no schedule or exact timeframe set for our development, understanding, persuasion, analysis, and self-correction so that from being egoists we will become altruists, permeated with love and concern for one another. Don’t wait for some time period or change of generations because changes can happen in our generation. Everything depends upon one’s readiness and the extent of his desire to change.

As we have learned from the studies of free will, our desire depends entirely on our environment. We have to work together. A person can’t work on himself by himself and convince himself of something; this never bring any positive results. We have to build an environment, a society, which will influence us, and then everyone will change. So go ahead and build this great environment for all of us! With the help of this environment we will become convinced of the necessity of this path and will quickly wish to change and become connected through mutual guarantee.

As a result, the environment will influence us with such intensity that changes will take on a flying speed. More »

To experience this supportive environment in one of its greatest intensities, we recommend attending:

* The ONE Convention in New Jersey on May 11-13, 2012, if you live in North America: Go To The ONE Convention »

* The Latin American Kabbalah Convention in São Paulo, Brazil on May 4-6, 2012, if you live in South America: Go To The Latin American Convention »

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  • From Michael Laitman
2 Games To Choose From

From Michael Laitman

1. The game of this life, which everybody plays, a game that the surrounding society presents to you, the society that doesn’t know itself what game it is playing, and which everybody curses, not knowing by whose will they ended up here and when they will finish it, because they constantly lose in between.

2. A game that offers you an opportunity to attain a completely different level of nature, of the upper, spiritual matter, and do it in the course of your lifetime, even during its relatively short part. You only need to yearn for this revelation, to change your properties into bestowal and love: not to use others for your selfish interests, but to try to have a good, benevolent connection with them. There is nothing other than that.

The theory is very simple. And practice depends on you. Choose which game to play. You either learn from people who want for you to do good and to create a world similar to the force of bestowal and love. Or you will learn from the examples of the surrounding world: mass media, TV, newspapers, and soap operas.

That’s the choice you have. The surrounding society shapes you anyway: either the group that aspires to bestowal and love, or the “street.” Only that. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

More »

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