Why You *Must* Attend This Zero-Cost Health-Transforming Event

If you haven’t attended this event in previous years… make this the year that you do!


Love, Peace, Wisdom, abundance, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!


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Subject: Why You *Must* Attend This Zero-Cost Health-Transforming Event

Underground Health Reporter E-Alert

What if you could . . .

* Get instant relief from pain … 
* Lose excess weight and get rid of food cravings … 
* Eliminate phobias and addictions …
* Create the relationship of your dreams … 
* Achieve financial success and abundance …
* Improve your athletic performance 
* Overcome procrastination …
*Skyrocket your career or your business
*Get deep, peaceful sleep—and overcome insomnia

. . . just by tapping on your meridian points
with your fingertips?

Now, you can learn tapping for F’R’E’E in an extraordinary
online event called the Tapping World Summit
Over 504,725 people have already registered for this massive
online event!  This is a last chance reminder to
register for this 100% F’R’E’E online event before it too late!


     The amazing results people have received through the simple technique of meridian tapping are so mind-boggling that they sound too good to be true.  But they’re absolutely real and scientifically proven!

     More than 50 researchers in 7 countries have carefully studied the tapping technique — including prestigious institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, the University of California at Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Texas A&M, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  Their findings have been published in more than 15 different peer-reviewed journals.

Chronic Pain of 26 Years … Gone Instantly!

Tapping Alleviates Pain Instantly     At a recent 3-day event called “The Tapping Experience,” a middle-aged man who had been suffering from a debilitating chronic pain for 26 years learned how to do meridian tapping.  In less than 5 minutes, the severe “bodywide toothache” pain in all the soft tissues of his body disappeared — even though nothing has ever been able to get rid of his pain in 26 years!

What is Meridian Tapping?

Meridian tapping — also known as “emotional freedom technique” (EFT), or just “tapping” — is a revolutionary combination of Chinese acupuncture … energy medicine … and modern psychology.  It involves the use of your fingertips tapping on the body’s meridian points (on the head, face, and upper body).

     This simple technique, which you can learn easily in just a few minutes, is a remarkably powerful method for alleviating painchronic health conditionsphobiasaddictions post-traumatic stress disorder … and many other health conditions.

     Tapping has also been proven tremendously effective in eliminating food cravings and compulsive eating habits … thereby helping you lose excess weighteven when nothing else seems to work.

     Tapping has been used by people from every country in the world — and has been endorsed by experts in the field of self-development, doctors, medical practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists, because they know that tapping into the meridian system of the body produces dramatic changes in every aspect of life.
     Now, you can learn tapping for F’R’E’E in an extraordinary online event called the Tapping World Summit.  It starts on Monday, May 7th — so register now!

Scientifically Proven to Rewire Your Brain in Minutes

Tapping rewires your brain by reprogramming your limiting patterns, beliefs and negative traumas — and releasing emotional blocks.  While “traditional” psychotherapy is slow, cumbersome and outdated for creating change, tapping  rewires your unconscious brain to get exactly what you want in life — fast.

     Tapping/EFT is used and recommended by leading experts such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Kris Carr, and a growing number of other prestigious health pioneers.

“Thank you for helping me to make such
tremendous improvement in my life.”

     “Since I have been tapping, many changes have occurred in my life. I was a negative person with lots of baggage from my past.  Since tapping, I feel so positive about myself and my life.  I’m sleeping better, I feel healthy and grateful each and every day, despite a cancer scare I recently had.

     “My love life has improved.  My financial situation has improved in a matter of a couple of weeks.  My friend who has also tried tapping has seen her life improve as well.  Thank you for helping me to make such tremendous improvement in my life.  I can’t wait to see many more wonderful things happening in my life.” — Deborah Marshall

More Than Half A Million Will Attend — You Should, Too!

Register today to attend the Tapping World Summit at absolutely no cost to you.  It starts on Monday, May 7th — so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event that could change virtually every aspect of your life.

     Over 504,725 have already signed up to attend the Summit!  After you watch the very first session of the event, you’ll understand why this life-transforming event is extremely popular.

     Remember:  You can attend the Tapping World Summit for f.r.e.e!  You won’t have to travel or book a hotel room to attend this event.  You “attend” the event simply by sitting in front of your computer in the comfort of your home or office.

      The Tapping World Summit features some of the top EFT / Tapping experts in the world such as Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Nick and Jessica Ortner … in fact, there will be 20 instructors providing eye-opening presentations…

     Just click on the link below to see what you will experience, at no charge to you.  You can listen to all of presentations or just a few of them, you get to pick the topics that interest you:

     ==> http://thetappingsolution.com/cmd.php?Clk=4718198

See you at the Summit!

Danica Collins

The Underground Health Reporter
Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, LLC


AgapeLove Enterprises

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Suite 114- PMB 210
Pleasanton, CA

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