Competing With GOD!

While each of us is an “individualized expression” of GOD, we can never actually BE GOD for there is only ONE Master CREATOR!

The following is how Tom explains it in the book, “The Only Planet of Choice”

Each of these entities has individual knowledge or principle, but not of the whole. There is only one that has the whole. When those energies that you call negative upon your planet Earth attempt to destroy, attempt to control others, it is because they are in competition with God, the one Creator. For in their cells they know the divinity within them, and their personality takes hold, and they then attempt to be God.


No one can compete with God, for they have not truth within, for God is a collection of purity which means only goodness for all the Universe. They threw themselves out by going in competition and having the desire to become all that is. That is not possible, for in order to do that you must return to God. That is the sadness: they had not patience for understanding. They are attempting to disrupt the work of the Universe.

So no matter how GOOD, you get at manipulating natural occurrences and creating fantastic technological TOYS,


Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Harmony and LIFE to ALL!



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