If Earth Does Not Evolve, The Universe Cannot Evolve!

I’m sure by now that many of you are feeling a “spiritual shift” or “rumbling” in your soul.  If not, check your pulse! šŸ˜€  We are in the midst of a Great Spiritual Awakening, and If you are like me, you realize that it has been speeding up!  TOM, in the Book, The Only planet of Choice”, by Phyllis V. Schlemmer, explains the IMPORTANCE of we earthlings systematically raising our CONSCIOUSNESS…

In order for the Universe to evolve, it is important for Earth to evolve. The souls that have come to this planet have become irresponsible in their physical bodies. It has become a planet of desire. The souls that are here behave as if they were in quicksand and were being gobbled up and swallowed in this desire. It is important for you to evolve, because without this planet being evolved, the other planets in the Universe are not able to go forward. It has stopped the growth of the Universe. It is important for the level of consciousness of this planet to be raised. It is the love from this planet that generates the energy that feeds God. And this planet has stopped the growth of part of the Universe, instead of evolving in the manner it should, to become one with the Divine. I will explain one step further: many of these souls that live here, when they die, are trapped in the atmosphere of the planet, and then they are reborn over and over on the same world, and they seem to be going nowhere. This planet originally was created to teach balance between the spiritual and the physical world. But in this physical world they got involved in materialism, and so these beings never evolve beyond the belt of this planet. Their desires are still in their minds and emotions, and their desires hold them to this planet, and so you have a multiplication that is going on until this planet will sink.

If you feel yourself Overly-ATTACHED in the “material world”, may I suggest reading this book to give you more insight as to the consequences of remaining in that materialistic state of mind and spirit!

If you don’t know how to “CONNECT to the SOURCE”,  send me an email.  I may have some suggestions for you!


Love, Life, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, and Harmony to ALL!



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