Notice of Utility Scam

This is just a small indication of how CREATIVE people are going to get to separate US from OUR money! 
PLEASE Be careful and watchful!

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Health and Harmony to ALL!


Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 16:00:13 -0700
Subject: Notice of Utility Scam

Please share this information with your staff, clients, family and friends:  

A scam aimed at utility customers has impacted several states across the country. We have begun to receive some calls regarding the scam in our call center.  

The scam claims that the President of the United States is providing credits or applying payments to utility bills. In some cases scammers have asked for Social Security numbers in order to allow for credits or to apply payments to customers’ utility bills. This presents an identity-theft risk.

According to reports, scammers have visited customers in person, posted fliers, and used social media and texting to send messages claiming that the President will provide a credit or directly pay utility bills.

We need your help to ensure utility customers protect themselves from becoming a victim of this and other similar scams. Please share the following information with customers, your friends and family.

Take care,
Cash Flow Planner
E Jay Pierce


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