Awhile back, during my research on ORGANIC TORTILLAS, I ran across the word, “Orgenic”.  At first I thought it was just a typo, but then I ran across “orgenics” in the next sentence or two.  Today I decided to do a little more research!

It seems as though the word “ORGENICS” has been created to further deceive and confuse the public, by creating a new term that sounds and is spelled very similarly to ORGANICS!  They believe that if they take a Genetically Engineered Seed, and grow it Organically, then they can technically call it ORGANICALLY GROWN.  This is good logic for a “trickster” trying to become something that it’s NOT, kind of like those two chickens on TV! 😀   However, when one of my good friends was in the Whole Foods Market, and asked how they thought that “SEEDLESS” Watermelons could EVER be “ORGANIC”, (since God didn’t make any watermelons WITHOUT seeds, or Grapes, for that matter), the Manager became very adamant about the “organic” labeling of their produce, and out of ignorance, stood by the incorrect “Organic Seedless Watermelon” signage.  So, it seems that even the so-called EXPERTS who are selling mislabeled “ORGANIC” foods, don’t even know that what they are selling is NOT ORGANIC! 

What does this mean for YOU and your family???….. That you would want to start growing YOUR OWN organic food for MAXIMUM SAFETY!

…so, back to this word, “ORGENIC”… I assume they are getting “flack”, and a barrage of questions about GMO, and other “tampered-with” foods, being falsely advertised as “organic”,  so they created another word to deceive the poor spellers and non-English speaking people of the world….ORGENICS! 

DON’T BE DECEIVED! …THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!   (Make sure your children, and grandchildren, know this too!)

Remember, ORGANIC has an “A“, and “A” is for APPLE, which is GOOD for you,
while the word ORGENICS, contains the letters “GE” is for “Genetically Engineered”, which is DEADLY for you and your family!


If you don’t yet know about the dangers of GMO foods, please take the time to quickly get up-to-speed on these diabolical foods by reading and viewing the following articles and videos about GMO Foods!  Your family’s health and well-being is at STAKE! http://www.yournaturalcancercures.com/cancer-diet-3/the-future-of-food AND ESPECIALLY Jeffrey Smith Video, entitled, “Everything You Need to know about Genetically Modified Foods”, at this link


And here with Jeff Smith again… http://www.responsibletechnology.org/blog/1782

Peace, Health and Blessing to ALL!



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