Vegetables You Should Never Cook

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Raw? Cooked? Why It Matters How You Eat Your Veggies

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Nearly every week, I meet another person who is trying the raw food diet, convinced that heating foods—especially vegetables—destroys disease-fighting nutrients and digestion-enhancing enzymes. But while I’m certainly in favor of anything that gets people to eat more veggies (and I love salads and crudités as much as anyone), recent research contradicts the “raw is always best” contention.
Joel Fuhrman, MD, a nutrition researcher, family physician and author of Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger and Disease Free, confirmed this. He told me, “With some vegetables, the micronutrients are heat-sensitive and can be destroyed by cooking. But with others, cooking allows the body to absorb more of the beneficial compounds because heat releases the nutrients from the cell matrix to which they are bound.”
Which veggies should you cook and which are best raw?
May 17, 2012
Raw? Cooked? Why It Matters How You Eat Your Veggies
Tender Breasts May Mean Trouble for Women Who Take Hormones
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Tender Breasts May Mean Trouble for Women Who Take Hormones

Story 2 Image
If you are considering or currently using hormone therapy (HT) to ease menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, you’re probably keenly aware of the concerns about a link between HT and breast cancer. So I want to share new study results that help identify which HT users are and are not at increased risk for this dreaded disease. The surprising clue: Sore breasts.
Background: There are two basic types of menopausal HT—estrogen alone…and a combination of estrogen plus progestin (a synthetic progesterone-like hormone). A woman who has…
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An amazing new alternative code-named LGB is curing people of type 2 diabetes without drugs, a new study confirms. In as little as an hour, LGB dramatically corrects the way your body metabolizes food. And its astonishing effect is permanent, so you won’t have to keep popping pills for the rest of your life.
Proven to work, even for morbidly obese patients. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have established that 83% of obese patients who try LGB see dramatic improvement in their diabetes. Many see total reversal of the disease. Dr. Philip Schauer, who led the study, also comments, “Most patients in the study with type 2 diabetes…achieved excellent biochemical [blood sugar] control and were able to reap the clinical benefits of withdrawing from most, if not all, antidiabetes medications, including insulin.”
Translation: Diabetes drug sales could plummet if this news gets out. Which is why your loved ones are probably doomed to stay in the dark about this lifesaving breakthrough In addition, patients tracked in the same study also lost up to two-thirds of their unwanted body fat.
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  Tamara Eberlein

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Tamara Eberlein has been a health journalist for nearly three decades. An award-winning author or coauthor of four books, she is committed to helping other women in midlife and beyond live healthy, fulfilling lives. Her latest book is the updated, third edition of When You′re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads (HarperCollins). She is also the “chief health adviser” to her husband of 26 years and three college-age children.
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