If A Child Can discover a Solution to the National Debt, Why are we paying Government Leaders?…

Dear Family and Friends,

I was quite surprised to receive this video and article in an LA Progressive email this morning
about Victoria Grant (a 12-year old) expressing her thoughts about TOTALLY solving the Canadian debt! 

Here’s the link.  Please View:

I’m very sure that a similar solution can be applied to the US debt as well, especially if we relieve The Federal Reserve (a PRIVATE company) of its coveted “private” services!  😉   When the RIGHT(EOUS) INTENT is there to be of service to the greater number of people, rather than filling only a few GREEDY pockets…THE SOLUTION APPEARS!

Time for WE THE PEOPLE to WAKE-UP and make some noise to our State Representatives NOW!

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Health and Harmony to ALL!



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