Dear Friends and Family,

 I was compelled by the Universe to begin reading AGAIN this important book, THE ONLY PLANET OF CHOICE, by Phyllis Schlemmer, which clarifies many questions about the current evolution of Earth, which we are all “feeling” on some level!  As many of you know, I started reading the book last year, but only completed about 50 pages and stopped.  Recently, I was “inspired” to begin reading it again, and there were many things that I didn’t fully understand last year, that I now understand with crystal clarity!  Here’s the link to the book, if you didn’t save it from last year:

Here’s an important insight from “TOM’ which explains EXACTLY what we as humans need to do RIGHT NOW, in relation to focusing on our spiritual growth!

What is particularly interesting to me is that I’m discovering the confirmation of what TOM suggests in the passage below in another book I’m reading, METU NETER, Vol. 1, by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Enjoy, and know that the power to save Earth is within each of us! So, ENJOY!  šŸ˜€

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Health, and Harmony For ALL!


JOHN: I think the most important question to people on Earth at this time is, what can they as individuals do, and how can they as individuals make things different, so that our planet fulfills its destiny?

Tom: First and foremost they must recognize that each of them contains the entire universe within themselves. Each of them contains all creation. Therefore when they understand that, then hopefully they will understand that if they go against their own integrity, the integrity of the Universe may be affected. They must consult within themselves for their motive in all actions; they must learn to love themselves, and the only way they may love themselves is never to do what they will dislike themselves for. What is important is that each person upon this planet earth must understand that there is existence elsewhere. They must understand that they hold the key to the evolutionary process in the Universe. It is a time of awakening. It is a time to understand that within the self they hold the key for bringing Earth to its fulfillment and that free will is never interfered with; the destruction of Planet Earth is not necessary. This must be understood clearly, for the free will of humankind can bring fulfillment to Earth.

JOHN: Many have talked of a coming transformation, and it seems we are approaching this time. Can you say anything about such a transformation and what that means?

Tom: It is true that Earth is on the threshold of transformation. It is on the threshold of releasing souls and beings from bondage, so they may continue to elevate, and purify Earth so the Universe may continue its path. It is a glorious time right now to live on your planet in physical form. Know always that this energy of individuals will remain individual, but what will be understood is the power of thought, the energy of love, the power that humans hold within themselves to make your world a representation of the Universe. Your world is a glorious place for all portions of the Universe to exist, and to fulfill, and to be at one with creation, in great joy.

JOHN: If you had one message that you wished to pass to all of mankind, what would that message be?

Tom: Know fully that you hold the key within yourself, each of you humans, to bring about change. It is your responsibility, your free will, your choice.


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