…Regarding your petition about GMO Foods

From: annie_pierce@hotmail.com
To: info@barackobama.com
Subject: …Regarding your petition about GMO Foods
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 08:23:49 -0700

Dear Mr. Kvaal,

Thank you for your reply to my petition, and the steps that the Obama Administration is taking to reduce air pollution is admirable, but not hardly enough.  Much of the air pollution is being created by the spraying of poisonous chemicals and pesticides by those 500,000 farmers that the Administration is working with, and that practice NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY, for it is poisoning American People on two levels: the breathing of poisonous chemicals, as well as the ingestion of the poisonous chemicals directly from the foods that they eat!  It seems that the administration needs to move the removing of all pesticides a lot higher on its priority list because the type of food production it is allowing companies like MONSANTO to perform now, with the creation of Genetically Modified Crops, is literally signing a DEATH CERTIFICATE for a large part of the American population, who do not realize the dangers of the food that they are buying in their local super markets.  This video by Jeffrey Smith shows the dangers of GMO Foods and how animals react to eating such foods: 

.  May I suggest that YOU, THE PRESIDENT and the ENTIRE CABINET, and ALL OF CONGRESS, review this video and reconsider your position about the continuation of allowing GMO foods flow freely into the marketplace!  I was quite shocked to hear about the President’s appointment of the previous MONSANTO executive, Tom Vilsack, to head the USDA, and another previous Executive, Michael R. Taylor, to the FDA.  These actions by the President just indicate to me that he’s either just not paying attention, he’s under MIND CONTROL, OR he’s part of the MONSANTO food domination conspiracy himself!

The crimes that MONSANTO has perpetrated agians good honest Farmers over the last ten years has been CRIMINAL, as the film THE FUTURE OF FOOD, clearly shows: http://www.yournaturalcancercures.com/cancer-diet-3/the-future-of-food

WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES voted for OBAMA in 2008 because he promised “CHANGE”, not for him to come and accelerate the attack on the American People’s Civil, Health, Medical and Food Freedoms!  I, for one, am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the way that he and his Administration are addressing these CRITICAL SURVIVAL ISSUES concerning FOOD SAFETY for the American People.  You mention that GMO crops hold the promise of “increased production and reduced reliance on pesticides”, but Mr. Kvaal, THAT PROMISE, is TOTALLY INCORRECT, and the sooner the current ADMINISTRATION stops the creation and growing of GMO crops, the sooner AMERICA, can get back to Organic and Natural growing of healthy foods on a much larger scale.

Thank you again for your response to my petition.


Annie Pierce

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 21:51:33 -0400
To: anniepp@yourcancercure.net
From: info@barackobama.com
Subject: Regarding your petition


Thank you for getting in touch to share your concerns regarding genetically modified crops.

We’ve received your petition, and I’d like to take some time to write back on this issue.

A strong farming economy goes hand-in-hand with protecting the environment. President Obama has taken historic actions to promote clean air and water by raising car and truck mileage, reducing mercury and toxic air pollution, and restoring our great ecosystems from the Great Lakes to the Everglades. His administration is working with more than 500,000 farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices on more than 30 million acres of land.

President Obama is committed to a strong agricultural economy where family farmers can prosper. He called on Congress to eliminate taxpayer subsidies to wealthy agribusiness. And under his leadership, the Food and Drug Administration has adopted guidelines to reduce the use of antibiotics to enhance livestock’s growth or promote production, not treat illnesses.

Genetically modified crops hold out the promise of benefits like increased production and reduced reliance on pesticides. At the same time, some Americans want more information to help them choose their food. President Obama understands these concerns and is considering additional steps in this area.

Thank you again for writing us.


James Kvaal
Policy Director
Obama for America

Paid for by Obama for America

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