About c sharp Bashar and Getting in Alignment with Mother Earth…effortlessly!

Dear Friends and Family,

I received an email about C# day before yesterday from my friend Jim, and I’m doing experiments with the C# Tone running in the background of everything!  the above link is the explanation behind C# and here’s the link to the tone itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q3KsrB1KM4 

Yesterday, after a full night of the tone being played while I slept, I woke-up feeling quite energized, (even after staying up half the night watching the Olympics! 😀 ), but I expect to feel even MORE effects in the future with more exposure!

  Today, I will experiment with drinking water that has been exposed to the C# tone for several hours, and see what happens!  I’m excited about the possibilities!  😀


Love, wisdom, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Health, and Harmony for ALL!



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