BRINGERS OF THE DAWN an eBook worth reading ASAP!

Bringers of the Dawn.pdf Download this file

Dear Family and Friends,

I was given this eBook several years ago by my friend Jim, but I was not “inspired” to read it until this week!  Now, I understand that years ago when it was given to me, that I simply was not at a stage of Spiritual Awareness and understanding to read it at that time, but NOW, as I eagerly read the pages, I am receiving and understanding all the knowledge shared in this wonderful book !

I invite each of you to start reading this book, for it will explain MANY THINGS that you have witnessed during your lifetime, and the state of affairs in the country and world today!  And if you find yourself reading the book in total disbelief, then put the book aside, until your “spiritual awareness” grow enough so that you can recognize TRUTH whenever it is presented to you!


Love, Peace, Wisdom, joy, Abundance, Joy, Health and Harmony for ALL!



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