Are YOU Ready To Commit?

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m still reading the book “Bringers of The Dawn”.  When I woke up this morning I started reading page 66, and it brought tears to my eyes, because it explains EXACTLY what is NEEDED from each and every one of us who are ready to commit to the SHIFT and EVOLUTION of Mother Earth!

Page 66 – First and foremost, live your light. Live that light inside of yourself with courage. Don’t live in the closet-live it. Speak what you know without getting up on a soap box and waving your hands around like a fanatic. Simply state, “This is what I believe. This is what I live.” For example, someone may say to you, “Careful, you might catch a cold.” You can say in return, “I don’t believe in catching colds. I don’t use my body for sickness.” By saving things like this, you bring others to awakening. Speak what you know in casual conversation with family and friends.

Wherever you are, use the pillar of light. We recommend that each of you visualize a pillar of light coming in through the top of your head, opening your crown, and filling your body with light. Picture this cosmic pillar of light coming from the higher cosmos, filling you, and then coming out your solar plexus and making a ball of light around your body so that you exist within a glowing etheric egg.

When you love yourself and Earth, and you know that you are here to redefine, redesign, and break the boundaries of humanity, you broadcast this. You live your life committed to this. If you ask us how much time you need to devote to this, we will say, “It is very simple: all of your time.” All of it. It is not something you worry about, it is something you simply are. You live it-it is your divinity. You will find that when you live your light, you will draw to yourself others who are very interested in living their lives in the same manner, and your numbers will grow and grow.

When you make the commitment to say, “Spirit, I am wishing to be employed by you. Put me to work and show me what I can do. Give me the opportunity to live my light, to speak my truth, and to carry this light around the globe,” then Spirit will put you to work. Be clear on what you are available for and make a contract with Spirit. Tell Spirit what you want for compensation. Spirit will allow you to negotiate and write whatever contract you want as long as you are operating in a capacity of service to yourself to uplift your vibration. When you are in service to yourself and are committed to personally evolving and changing, you uplift everyone around you. That is service. Service is not going out and martyring yourself and saying, “I’m going to save you.” Service is doing the work yourself and living in such a way that everyone you touch is affected by your journey.

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Health, and Harmony for ALL!



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