THE SHIFT in detailed explanation

Dear Family and Friends,

I really want ALL of you to be fine during THE SHIFT, and I thought that this DETAILED EXPLANATION of what MIGHT happen, can help all of us prepare a little bit better.

This detailed description of THE SHIFT by Drunvalo is quite interesting!  Please read it.  He’s connected to the KNOWERS.  Here’s the link:

It seems that it would be best to be outside on Mother Earth, dressed in 100% cotton, hemp or silk clothing, because all things synthetic will disappear!  Now is a good time to determine what kind of building

materials make up YOUR HOUSE to determine if you should stay inside, or not! … And don’t forget to check your clothing tags!  What fun!   😀

All jokes aside,  “BE CALM, BE COOL AND BE COLLECTED” and be SELECTIVE of all your THOUGHTS!!…NO FEAR ALLOWED…just Mother Nature and Divine Heavenly Father doing their thing!

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Health and Harmony!



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