One last surprise from Burt Goldman – get access to quantum jumping for 10 days for $1.00!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

When I received the email below today, I couldn’t think of a BETTER New Year’s “gift” to give my friends, family and associates, for REALLY changing their lives for the better THIS YEAR!

If you’re like me, you may have heard about Quantum Jumping over the last couple of years, and even been curious about the course, but did not take the course because of the COST! 
Now, here’s your chance to TRY Burt’s Ultimate Edition of Quantum Jumping for only $1.00, which is CERTAINLY within even MY BUDGET!  😀

ENJOY, and maybe I’ll meet you in another Dimension! 😉

Also, if any of you are interested in learning about some EXCITING HEALING TECHNIQUES for your body, mind and spirit, please visit my brand new website: !  There’s some VERY INTERESTING Energy Healing Therapies there that I think YOU should know about for the health of yourself and your family!

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Healing and Harmony to ALL!


In case you missed it, here’s the final surprise I 
gave to everyone who tried out The Midas Jump: 

If you visit the link above before Sunday at Midnight, 
you can get in on it too. 

Can’t wait to find out? Okay, here’s the deal… 

For just $1 (no that’s not a typo), I’ll give you 10 days 
of unrestricted access to the entire Ultimate Edition of 
Quantum Jumping. 

I feel that 10 days is enough time for you to really 
experience the program for yourself and see if it’s 
for you – for only a dollar upfront. 

Think about it. It’s less less than what you’d pay for a 
cup of coffee – and trust me, it’ll give you a whole lot 
more satisfaction than any caffeine rush 🙂 

Remember, you’ve got until midnight tonight to take 
me up on this. 

After that, it’s gone for good. 

See You In Another Universe, 


P.S. Remember, this is the absolute last deal I’m
offering on the Ultimate Edition of Quantum Jumping 

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MindValley LC, 14525 South West Millikan Way #31545, Beaverton, OR , 97005


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