NaturaCare(R) Offers Natural Healing to a Very Sick America

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Dear Family and Friends,

It’s an exciting week! We are introducing the NaturaCare® Healing Network to the WORLD!  Here’s a few links to a couple published stories:

Included below is also the original text and attached is the ACTUAL PRESS RELEASE that I sent out to the newswires for publishing considerations, just  in case YOU are inspired to send the PRESS RELEASE to YOUR email contacts, local newspaper, Radio, or TV station!  (hint, hint) 😉  

Even though I’ve been thinking about this Natural health and Wellness concept for over a year, I never felt like it was ready and complete, and then about four months ago, I learned about Dr. Nelson and THE EMOTION CODE, which can HEAL people OVER THE TELEPHONE, from ANY distance! (Yes, REALLY!)  since that first introduction, I’ve learned about other ENERGY HEALING THERAPIES, and now with this knowledge, I feel that it’s TIME for ALL of us to ACTUALLY GET WELL!  We owe it to ourselves and each other to be as healthy and “actively independent” as we can be, so that we can be fully aware, interactive and communicative with our families and each other!  We all have a wealth of information and experiences, that we can share with our children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, and the community at large, but we CAN’T do that very well, if we are in the bed at a hospital or nursing home, or just sick, tired and not feeling well! 😦  

If you, or a loved-one are SUFFERING with ANY chronic sickness or pain, or ANY physical or mental challenges, at this time, DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR in 2013 and SIGN-UP to be HEALED and experience optimum WELLNESS: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and of course, physically!  As quiet as it’s kept, the SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL states, DICTATE and DETERMINE our mental and physical states of wellness!  

Plus, all of the NaturaCare® Healing Providers are giving special discounts to NaturaCare® Members, and I’d like for YOU and your family to become MEMBERS, and YOU can JOIN RIGHT NOW for a MONTHLY “Love” Donation of your choice, (even if it’s only $1.00).  This money will be used to further market and advertise , so that eventually we will be able reach the NaturaCare® goalTO HEAL THE WORLD!  😀

Every Member will receive a MEMBERSHIP CARD and Number, so that you can easily be identified by the NaturaCare® Healing Provider of your choice. 

Thanks for your love and support!

Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Healing and Harmony to ALL!


January 14, 2013, LOS ANGELES, CA – Youth Publications announced today their official launch of the NaturaCare® Online Natural Healing Network( that helps consumers to learn about Natural Healing Therapies, and to quickly and easily find top Natural Healing Practitioners across the country, and also Energy Healers who can heal anywhere in the world. NaturaCare® is strategically structured to be an affordable natural solution for anyone searching for direct access to cutting-edge, extraordinary, fast, and effective natural healing therapies at a discount.

NaturaCare® is a membership-based healing network, where members pay a small monthly donation to access a wide variety of cutting-edge dynamic natural healing practices. After signing up, members can watch educational videos, decide on natural healing therapies to experience, and access the Practitioner Directory to find NaturaCare® Healing Providers who specialize in the desired therapies. Plus, their Membership will entitle them to as much as a 20% discount on NaturaCare® Healing Providers’ services.

In spite of seeming advances in traditional medicine, the overall health of the American population is steadily deteriorating. Some diseases that were once rare less than twenty years ago have now swelled to almost epidemic proportions. Diabetes is now becoming a “childhood” disease.  High blood pressure, heart disease, cancers, autism, and other chronic diseases, are on the rise. And the American population is now the heaviest on the planet, with over 66% considered overweight, and 33% clinically obese.

“The time has come for American People to take control of their own health, rather than remaining totally dependent on the American medical, pharmaceutical, and commercial agricultural industries,” says Annie Pierce, president of Youth Publications. “The statistics sadly show that during the last 70 years, most of the so-called ‘scientific advances’ made in all three of these industries, have proven to be a detriment for the long-term health and wellness of the American people. And, true, we may be living longer now, but at what quality of life?”

Many NaturaCare® Healing Providers have the ability to heal NaturaCare® Members over any distance, and in the comfort of their very own homes or offices.

For more information, or to sign-up as a Practitioner, or a Member, please visit or call 323-299-9709.


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