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If the only constant characteristic of the entire Universe is that it is ALWAYS changing, then why would we expect LOVE to behave any differently?


I had heard about the Hoxsey Therapy, but I didn’t know any details about it until I read the book, “Hoxsey Therapy: When Natural Cures For Cancer Became Illegal” by Harry Hoxsey.


I was very surprised to discover that The Hoxsey Therapy was, in fact, the first “chemotherapy” treatment that actually worked!  During the time of it’s discovery, in the 1920’s, the only methods of treating cancer and getting rid of cancerous tumors was with surgery and X-ray, and Radium radiation, which was only producing a lot of suffering and mutilation of cancer patients, much like the results reached today!  Nevertheless in 1952 a Federal circuit Court in Texas handed down this decision: “Qualified experts recognize that the only treatment for internal cancer is surgery, x-ray, radium and radioactive products.”


How effective are surgery, radium and x-ray in the treatment of cancer?”…  Well, according to Dr. Cornelius F. Rhoads, director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, he publicly admitted in 1953 that these treatments were successful in only 25% of all cancer cases!


But, this was discovered more than 25 years earlier by Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley, senior surgeon at New York Skin and Cancer Hospital, who stated “Cancer is not a surgical disease.  Neither surgery, x-ray, nor radium has changed in any way whatever, the ultimate mortality of cancer in 40 years.  It was 90 percent in 1894, now it is 92 percent.”


One Doctor Robert Bell, published an article entitled “Cancer is a Blood Disease and Must Be Treated as Such” (March 18, 1922, issue of the N.Y Medical Record):


“Cancer is rooted in every drop of blood in the body and we may as well expect to stop the growing of apples by picking them off trees, or to stop the springing of dandelions by cutting of the blossoms and leaving the root in the ground, as to expect to destroy malignancy in the human body by attacking the outward growth.”


Even though, Dr. Bell was head of the Cancer Research Department of Battersea Hospital in England, as well as vice president of the International Society for Cancer Research, he was stigmatized publicly as a “quack” by the British Medical Society, which caused him to sue for libel and slander… and won court decision and damages totaling 10,000 Pounds!


Dr. G. Everett Field, director of the Radium Institute of New York, observed in the 1920s: “Blindly we have been attacking cancer in its advanced stages for many generations with surgical effort, only to find prompt recurrence after removal.” 


Wait a minute, I say…You mean that doctors have KNOWN without a doubt, since the 1920s, that cancer usually returns after surgery??!!!!  Then why, may I ask, are Surgeons STILL TODAY perform surgery on breast cancer patients, when they know that it will be futile?????  I think the answer is well summed-up in an interview of Dr. Paul Hawley, director of the American College of Surgeons, published in the U.S. News and World Report (Feb. 20, 1953)… “people would be shocked, I think, at the amount of unnecessary surgery that is performed.”  Asked why a doctor should perform such an operation, he replied succinctly:   “MONEY!”   When asked if he REALLY thought doctors went to such lengths for filthy profits, Dr. Hawley snapped:”I don’t just THINK IT, I Know it.  And I can prove it!”


My question to YOU, my readers is this…

..Now that YOU know that DOCTORS have known for almost a century that surgery and radiation don’t work for cancer, will YOU still allow yourselves,  or loved ones, to be maliciously MUTILATED with surgeries and BURNED with radiation????!!!


One of my personal favorite quotes is… 

“When you KNOW BETTER, you DO BETTER!!!”…


As some of you may remember from another article, one of my goals with the Your Natural Cancer Cures websites is to greatly reduce the percentage of diagnosed Cancer Patients that consciously choose Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery as a treatment, from 95% to maybe as little as 45% or less, in my lifetime!  For this to happen, each one of you needs to spread this information to your family and friends at every opportunity, so that Cancer Patients, KNOW THE TRUTH about effective natural ways to cure themselves of CANCER!


Now, in the first paragraph, I mentioned that one of the BIGGEST surprises in reading “Hoxsey Therapy: When Natural Cures for Caner Became Illegal” is that the Hoxsey Therapy is, in fact, a Chemotherapy!  However, the major difference between the Hoxsey Therapy and the Chemotherapy of today, is that it ACTUALLY WORKED back in the 1920s, and STILL WORKS TODAY, but another difference is that it utilizes God’s medicine,  natural herbs!!!… i.e. Natural Cancer Cures are ALIVE AND WELL!  😀



FDA story link is not working please do Google Search for “FDA bans injectable vitamin c”

Sorry, to discover the link did not work, but I did find multiple articles on this subject by doing a Google Search for “FDA bans injectable vitamin C”.  Something is definitely happening in this area!  Some of the Searches indicate that this information is NOT true, but from reading Barry Lynes Book, The Cancer Cure That Worked”, I know that the FDA is capable of many surprising unscrupulous acts!  
  The Pharmaceutical companies are pushing hard to get all Supplements under the same scrutiny as their poisonous Drugs because people are discovering that the Supplements actually work and improve the health of WE THE PEOPLE!  So, BEWARE of the “Boy who Cried Wolf” TRICK, such that the Pharmaceuticals put out false rumors, that by the time that they REALLY make a major move on the Supplement Industry with the FDA, that NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THAT IT IS TRUE, and it will slide under the radar without ANY opposition whatsoever!!

Be Wary and Wise AMERICA…we are in fact in a war for Good Health within our own country!

FDA bans the use of injectable Vitamin C…what’s next???

I was very surprised and disappointed to find this article on Google this morning about the FDA decision to ban the manufacture and use of Vitamin C!  This is just the beginning Folks!!!  Next they will be banning the sale and usage of all supplements and even organic fruits and vegetables, if we let them!!!! Please visit the below link and follow the instructions for contacting your Congressman and the FDA and let them know WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ATTACK ON THE HEALTH OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!…/fda-outlawing-natural-cancer-cure-to-further-destroy-health-of-americans

To Change the World…

The world will not change for the better until a critical mass of the Human Male Species consciously chooses to alter their egotistical desires of greed and destruction to that of Unconditional Love and Bestowal!  At that point in time we will all become equivalent in form to our Creator! 🙂

Peace and Blessings to All!

My First Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Experience

My friend Barbara told me about her experience in Las Vegas over the past summer with one of the best Natural Cancer Cures available, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  I knew right then, as she was talking, that I wanted to experience it!  If you’ve read my previous articles, you know that Oxygen Deficiency is the PRIMARY cause of ALL diseases, and that direct infusion of 100% oxygen under pressure into your body is one of the most direct ways to feed your cells more oxygen than what they are able to receive through normal breathing.


Unfortunately, most of our ‘brilliant” cancer research scientists, as well as our “trusted” AMA-controlled medical physicians, still choose to focus on, TREATING THE SYMPTOMS of diseases, rather than focusing on the CAUSE, even with the irrefutable Nobel Prize winning evidence that oxygen deficiency causes normal body cells to become cancerous staring them in the face, since the 1920s with Otto Warburg’s discovery!


Nevertheless, I was pleased to finally meet Roland at Healing Waters in Las Vegas last Friday on a weekend trip with a good friend of mine, GJ.  We both were quite excited about the thought of getting into a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, but really didn’t know what to expect.  I let GJ go first because I thought that there may have only been one Hyperbaric Chamber available for use at any one time, but I was pleasantly surprised about 15 minutes later when Roland came to escort me to my chamber in the same room next to my friend.  Just as he had instructed GJ, Roland told me to empty my bladder before doing the treatment.  After that, I was excited and ready!  I went over to check GJ, and he waved to me through the small chamber window over his face.  Roland then instructed me how to get inside the chamber.  I followed his instructions to the tee, and eventually was comfortably zipped inside the Chamber…ready for “blast-off”!


First, Roland gradually turned on the pressure, and just like he had previously described to us both, I could feel the pressure mounting inside my ears, but he instructed me not to release the pressure until he gave me the signal.  I did as he instructed, but even after that point, I still had to release the pressure about 3 times before my ears were comfortable from the 1500 pounds of pressure.


I felt a little hot before the oxygen began coming into the chamber, but after a few minutes, it was quite comfortable, and I performed the through-the-mouth deep breathing exercise 25 times as Roland had instructed.  It felt good to fully inhale and exhale properly.  I was shocked earlier, when Roland informed us that on the average, people only utilize about one fifth of their lung capacity, which further explains why most of us are oxygen deficient…we don’t fully utilize our lung capacity with proper breathing.


After I finished the 25 deep breaths using only my mouth for inhaling and exhaling, I simply relaxed and drifted into a semi-meditative state with my eyes closed.  I consciously attempted to do all of my breathing through my mouth, even though that was not necessary.  I just figured that it was better than using my nose, so I kept it up during most of the session.  I think at some time during that one hour, I did drift off to sleep because it is a very relaxing experience.  The last 10-15 minutes were a little uncomfortable because I had the urge to visit the bathroom again, even after emptying my bladder before getting into the Chamber.


After an hour had passed and Roland finally came and slowly released the pressure in my chamber, I was feeling quite good, and quickly went to relieve my bladder again after putting my on my boots.  I asked Roland about that additional bathroom sensation, and he explained that the Oxygen infusion causes all fluid elimination systems to release toxins, especially the bladder, so that is a normal reaction to the Therapy.  My friend, EJ, had a similar experience and had an additional treat of sitting in Roland’s new Massage Chair while he was waiting for my time to end in the Chamber.  We spoke at length with Roland afterwards and he informed us that it usually takes about 3-5 treatments to really experience a major physical difference, and I ensured him that I would be visiting my friend Barbara’s Chamber on a regular basis after returning home. He was quite pleased to hear that, and EJ was interested in doing that as well.  I was glad that he enjoyed the experience too, and I think we’ll make it a regular treat the next time we visit Las Vegas!