I’m proud and happy to announce that I performed my very first “Organic Coffee Enema” last night at about 9:30pm!  Even though it didn’t proceed EXACTLY like Jaison’s video at (CATEGORY = Toxin Elimination)…I feel nice and squeaky clean on the inside… HOWEVER, I haven’t been to sleep yet, and it’s almost 8 o’clock in the morning!   Do you think that it could have been the coffee????…  😉


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! 
I give thanks for having ALL of you in my life, and I pray for each of you to achieve the optimum good health necessary to enjoy and continue this wonderful Life Journey!
Peace and Blessings to All!

Feeling connected…

FACEBOOK always gives me the feeling that I am always thoroughly connected to ALL of HUMANITY“! 
How AWESOME is that?

Peace and Love to All!

“YourNaturalCancerCure’s Account has been BLOCKED”

Sunday, I joined the Cancer Survivor’s Network to share my personal experience with Breast Cancer, and to also introduce other survivors to some different DETOX methods for quickly ridding their bodies of the poisonous drugs from chemotherapy.

I made a few suggestions to some ladies that were going in for testing, and one lady wrote me a private message. She thought “…my advice could keep someone from getting chemo and pay the ultimate price…”  I let her know that I was just sharing information from my personal experience like everyone else, and that each person must be responsible for whatever decisions that they make throughout life.  But I let her know that I was committed to natural cancer cures research, and the sharing of that information to as many who would listen.  In her next message, she let me know that she was a chemo patient and divulged that when she asked her doctor if she could STOP the treatments (because they made her feel so bad), he told her “NO!”  And explained that he had to follow certain “protocol” for the administration of chemotherapy, and the treatments couldn’t be interrupted!  Unfortunately, as we know that ‘protocol” is that if the cancer patient doesn’t complete the specified number of treatments, then NOBODY GETS PAID (the doctors nor the pharmaceuticals!)  But she also told me that most of the people on the website only had insurance, and that the Insurance Companies won’t pay for any other kind of treatment!

I told her…“WHAT A RACKET!…The Insurance Companies must be in on it too!”… and then I apologized for “preaching” and invited her to the website, so that she could possibly educate herself on alternative cures for cancer.

Yesterday, when I went to see if she responded to my partial “rant”, I found the message “YourNaturalCancerCures’s account has been BLOCKED”

…is it something that I said?…:-)

Wow, just think, last week I was as a “Pseudo” Vegetarian!


The Pseudo Vegetarian OATH

“I will NOT eat ANYTHING that has a FACE

…Bigger than the face of a Lobster!


“Oh, don’t be silly…seafood isn’t MEAT! 😀

What Life’s all about!!.

Download now or preview on posterous

Lifeonatrain1.pps (2985 KB)

I hope that this Attachment is available on Posterous for all to see!  It’s a wonderful perspective about this amazing Journey of Life
Enjoy YOUR ride to the fullest!!!

Another perspective of what LIFE is about

Silence is GOLDEN…

I’ve been gorging myself on Dove Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate candies for about a month now!  😀
Each wrapper has a nice little saying written in it, but I REALLY APPRECIATED this one, and I thought all of you might enjoy it too!

Silence might be
but laughter
is priceless!

Audrey in Mesa, AZ

Laugh often and love MUCH!

Peace and Blessings to All!

Justifying My Existence…

I just opened this email up from Nick, and immediately went through the suggested tapping sequences.  As I progressed, I could feel deep sensations, almost like chills, being triggered from head to toe!  I’m not sure if this was the STRESS RELEASE or what, but I DO KNOW that, this is a POWERFUL exercise, and I recommend it to all of you!
With Much Love,

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 16:17:00 -0500
Subject: Tapping Tip: Justifying My Existence… 

(I’ve included easy (and f.r.e.e.) tap-along
scripts at the bottom of this email for you,
spend 5 minutes doing them and get ready
for SIGNIFICANT shifts!)


Hi ANNIE,I had such incredible feedback to last week’s
email on tapping for overwork and overstress,
that I figured I’d give you more simple
tapping scripts for fast results.  🙂

Last week, John wrote:

Hey Nick,


I did the tapping round for the cultural drive to
do more and be more.It’s incredible to feel how much of a shift
happened in the 3 minutes it took to complete
the rounds.

I was brought right into the cultural feeling,
felt it lose its charge, and then felt myself
move into relaxation and acceptance with my own

Thanks so much for that quick shift- exactly
what I was looking for today!

All the best,
— John

So today I want to address a PERVASIVE
cultural drive, one that I find myself caught
up in way too often, the need to justify
my existence by my work, accomplishments,
drive, etc.

Do you ever find that happening?  🙂

Where you beat yourself up because you
didn’t get enough done, you haven’t
accomplished enough, you need to be
working and moving at all times…

As babies we received love just for being
alive and cute and cuddly, and then at one
point, that switched and we started believing
the myth that we were only deserving of
love if we did ENOUGH or we were ENOUGH.

Well, it’s a MYTH…because you are deserving
of love just as you are.

Flaws, mistakes, wrinkles and all…. 🙂

So let’s do some tapping on this!

Remember, these are general phrases, so
start with these and then move on to SPECIFIC
situations, events, memories, etc. for you.

The more SPECIFIC you can get with your
personal stuff, the better results you’ll have.

These are just to get you started and get
your mind going.

If you don’t know the points or want further
instruction on how to do the tapping, you
can find it here:

Tapping Script: Justifying My Existence…

Karate Chop:  Even though part of me feels
I need to justify my existence….
I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat the above phrase three times while
tapping on the karate chop point)

Eyebrow: I need to justify my existence…
Side of the Eye:  I need to do more….
Under Eye: I need to be more…..
Under Nose: Justifying my existence….
Under Mouth: Am I enough?
Collarbone: Can I do enough?
Under the Arm: I’ve got to do more….
Top of the Head: I need to justify my existence…

(Repeat the above phrases a couple of times,
you can throw in your own phrases as well, and
when you feel significant relief, move on to
the positive phrases)

Eyebrow: I am enough…
Side of the Eye: I am perfect as I am…
Under the Eye: Whatever I do, it’s enough….
Under Nose: I am loved as I am…
Under Mouth: I love myself…
Collarbone And forgive myself…..
Under the Arm: Because I am enough…
Top of the Head: I release this need to
justify my existence…

As you can probably figure, or are feeling right
now if you’ve just done the tapping, this
can be heavy stuff!

I’d suggest you spend 10-15 minutes, tapping
through this again and again, and be sure to
move on to the specific issues that come up
for you.

Jot down whatever specific event, issue or memory these
phrases triggered, and then work on tapping those

Do me a favor when you get a chance, share
your experience, comments and ideas from this
Tapping script on our blog:

I’d love to hear from you.  🙂

Until next time….

Keep Tapping!



P.S. There’s two really cool resources that have my
attention right now, that I’d love for you to check

1.  Simply Raw Documentary Film
I’m sure you’ve seen my emails about it, and if
you haven’t checked out the trailer or picked up a
copy, I highly suggest you do so.

It’s inspirational, educational and entertaining and
can make a dramatic difference in your life (it
did in mine!)


2.  John Assaraf Video
I had the opportunity to share the stage with
John Assaraf a few weeks back, and then chat with
him a bit, and I’m just going to say this… He’s
up to some REALLY cool stuff.He can explain it better than I can, just watch
his short video here:
Nicolas Ortner – Creator and Producer – Ph. 800.507.1657

“The Tapping Solution” is a breakthrough documentary
exploring meridian tapping, a healing tool based on the body’s
subtle energy systems and meridians.

The film includes luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale,
Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Norm Shealy,
Bob Proctor, Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington and more!

View the trailer at:





Just know …

That when you touch somebody… you are touching God!
And when you love somebody… you are loving God!
And when you hate somebody… you are hating God!


We are ALL little pieces of GOD… So start ACTING like it!

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