Hot Chocolate… Happy New Year

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I opened this email  from my niece just before retiring.  It is a wonderful gem that I think ALL of you will appreciate

Peace, Love and Blessings to all!!




I was quite surprised to see that the sponsor of the Ladies golf tournament was Shoprite Pharmacy, and they were advertising that they were GIVING away DIABETES DRUGS for FREE  Now, how “cool” is that?…..NOT!

Look, you can continue to be  spoon-fed DIABETIC DRUGS or Insulin for the rest of your life, OR you can TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for you own health and start eating correctly to cure your DIABETES YOURSELF in 30-DAYS!  Visit this GREAT website to learn how!

LIFE  is a series of choices!  Which path do YOU choose?

Have fun being healthy and wise!


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!! – Reverse your DIABETES in 30 days!!!! OF THE WORLD!!!Do you have the DISCIPLINE to live a long, productive and healthy life for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren?I challenge you to start showing them TODAY by your ACTIONS!Happy Father's Day!Peace, Love and Many Blessings to each and every Dad!Annie

Listen-up People! Diabetes Can Be CURED in 30 DAYS!!!!!

I think you will enjoy this video!!!! FATHERS DAY to all the Dads!Have fun and live long for your children and grand children!!!!Peace, love and Good Health to all!Annie

OmniForex Signals

Spent the last few days testing Omni Forex Trading Signals.  I was hoping the signals would justify the $99.00 per month subscription, but I was disappointed in the three days of results during my trial period.  I was, however, inspired to search for my trading book again to start making trading decisions again myself!  So, all is not lost!  🙂 


It was Thursday, May 13th, and I had done everything that I could do to make sure that my friend Audree received her evaluation from Doctor Young that week so that she could be released from the nursing home.  For two months she had diligently performed all the leg and arm exercises I had prescribed for her, and even created some of her own!  She told me that sometimes she would be doing her exercises at 2 a.m. in the morning while everyone else was asleep!  When she told me that, I was convinced that she was committed to leaving the nursing home… by walking out on her own!  The nurses even confirmed that she was eating all of her food, especially, if I was there watching her! (I explained to Audree that even though she didn’t like the food, that she needed to nutrition for her muscles to get stronger.)

Aduree had been waiting for the doctor, all morning long, and when I showed up at about 10am, he had not arrived yet, so I gave his office a call, and they assured me that he would be there because he had to be back at his office for 1:00 p.m. appointments.  I relaxed, went to run an errand, and came back about 12 noon and he still had not arrived.  I was prepared to stay and wait for him with Audree, and at 12:30 I started getting concerned and called his office again.  This time, they gave me his cell phone number, and I called and talked to him myself!  He assured me that he was on his way there at that time, and I was happy to know that!….FINALLY he arrived a little before 2 pm, and I was glad that I was there to give Audree support during her examination.  He had her stand up from the wheelchair several times, which wasn’t that easy for Audree.  But with two or three attempts she was able to do it, and I silently breathed a sigh of relief!  He also tested her arm strength, and said that he would sign her release papers and turn her back over to her primary doctor for her “at home” care arrangements!  Audree was estactic and I was too!  He said that she could go home tonight, if she had someone who could stay with her!

I had arranged for her to temporarily stay with her friend, Della, because there were people in and out of the house all day, and she would not be alone.  I called Della and let her know that I planned to bring Audree to her house on Friday.  Della said that her room was ready, but that she could not be her Care Provider, and that I needed to come over so that we could discuss the possibilities for Audree’s care.  I met with Della that night and she gave me a list of several names of people who could be Care Providers.  After discussing each person on the list, we both decided that Marilyn would be the best choice, and she called her immediately to see if she was available and ready to do the job.  Marilyn was available and ready to go into action getting the necessary paperwork in place with the Department of Social Services.

It’s been almost a month since Audree regained her Power of Attorney and signed herself out of the nursing home.  I took her shopping for healthy organic food at Trader Joe’s, arranged for her to purchase her first Laptop Computer from Frye’s to help exercise her mind, and just this past Tuesday, moved her back into her own Senior Citizen Apartment, where she is HAPPY AS SHE COULD BE!  Now Marilyn, her Care Provider, is there with her everyday, and is a God-Send, helping Audree make doctor appointments and getting her business affairs in order, as well as arrange for all the in-home services Audree needs to continue living her life to the FULLEST!  GOD IS GOOD!


I am already taking a Kabbalah Course, however, I signed up for this one as well, scheduled to begin in August 2010!  I was intrigued because it is being offered FREE, and I wanted to compare the quality of the training to my present course for which I’m paying money.…

Remember….Have Fun!


A month ago I decided to enroll in a course called THE POWER OF KABBALAH – LEVEL 1.  Up until then, I had only heard about Kabbalah in passing, and  when I responded to a radio advertisement which promised to “change my life” with a 30 minute presentation, I must say that I became quite curious.  I had heard the same advertisement a few days before on the radio, but I was driving and couldn’t write down the telephone number to register.  I was even more surprised when I discovered that the address of the presentation (1062 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA) was The Kabbalah Center.

The presentation was definitely intriguing, introducing Kabbalah as the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom (before the existence of ANY RELIGION!), and this spiritual wisdom describes the spiritual and physical laws that govern the universe, as well as the physical and metaphysical nature of all humankind!  Needless to say, they had my TOTAL ATTENTION during the entire presentation.

I didn’t realize that I was going to actually take the Course until they invited me to the First Lesson as a Guest.  When I learned that our five senses only allow us to experience less than 1% of what the Universe has to offer, I WAS HOOKED because it seems that I’ve been trying to access that 99% for most of my life, and HERE, at my disposal was an organized educational system that ACTUALLY TRAINS you how to do that!  One of the most important discoveries of that first class how the action of sharing and giving forms the foundation in being able to tap into that 99%!

I just completed the 5th Class of The Power of Kabbalah, and I must say that I am quite pleased with the Training that I am receiving to understand how to play this fabulous GAME OF LIFE!  I am right where I am supposed to be!

There are more than 150 Kabbalah Centers worldwide, so I’m thinking that there may possibly be one near most of you.  If you are experiencing ANY KIND OF PAIN or discomfort in your life, with your health, money, and/or personal relationships, then I suggest you do yourself a favor, and visit the nearest Kabbalah Center.  I do believe that you will be very glad that you did!