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Do Yourself a Healthy Favor and Start Eating ALKALINE!

Each One of Us is a Little Piece of GOD…

It’s time that we acknowledge that fact, and treat each other accordingly!

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Are YOU Ready to GET Well and STAY Well?

After addressing the “Simplicity of Curing Cancer” in my last article, I was reminded that cancer is NOT the PROBLEM… it is just one of the many SYMPTOMS of the REAL cause of practically every disease – oxygen deficiency!  How simple a problem is that to solve????   Well, if you just figure out the best and most cost efficient way for your body to get enough oxygen, then ALL of your health issues could vanish in a very short time… right down to migraine headaches!  It can be just that easy!  What’s nice about increasing your body’s oxygen content, is that it’s easy to find a method that can fit your personal preferences and/or “budget”!


Also, in that same article, I outlined some direct methods for putting more oxygen in your body externally, and briefly described Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Ozone Therapy.  Of course, if you are claustrophobic, sitting or lying in any type of chamber may not be for you, however, I also listed “The One Minute Cure” using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and MMS which uses chlorine dioxide, both of which are internal ways to increase oxygen in your body cells without immersing yourself in a chamber! (Both of these internal cures are discussed in more detail at www.yournaturalcancercures.com)


Depending on how long your body tissues have been deprived of oxygen, and the extent of the deprivation, Your cancer cure could take anywhere from 4 days to 12 months.  Of course, during Your selection of treatment for curing the disease, the way to speed-up your recovery is to use the supporting “Good Health Components”, i.e. “quality water, (raw) organic alkaline foods, sunshine, exercise and rest”.


So, now that we know this important and most valuable information about oxygen, it should simplify your search for the “mysterious” cure to cancer!   I know that this information will assist me in selecting the most effective natural cancer cures to research and share on our website.  From this point forward, I will ONLY be sharing treatments and therapies that increase the flow of oxygen to the body’s cellular tissue.  Anything else is just addressing the symptoms and NOT the cause of the disease itself.  That’s NOT what people need!  


The only question remaining to be answered now is…


”Are YOU ready to be cured and live

a disease-free Life?”


If your answer to this question is ‘YES”, and I can’t imagine anyone with a serious disease, not being ready, (except in the case of those egoistic “pain bodies” that actually enjoy the attention of being sick, helpless, and a “victim” of some mysterious “unknown” force), then you have some work to do, starting RIGHT  NOW!

(1)   DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Research and select the best method for you to use for increasing the oxygen content in your body on a continuous basis.  By continuous, I mean that even after you are cured of your disease (whatever it is), that you still practice the recommended “maintenance level” of treatment without any, or very few, interruptions.  This is necessary to help you maintain a disease-free status.

(2)   Find the best doctor, or practitioner in you area to administer the desired oxygen or ozone therapy; OR find the best source from which to purchase the desired products, MMS, or 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I suggest simply doing a “Google Search” for each product and comparing the results.


REMEMBER…Getting WELL and Staying WELL is YOUR Responsibility…

Don’t Drop The Ball!!!


Now, I must let you know that even though I have not been diagnosed with ANY disease, I will be doing my personal research to solve my own oxygen deficiency, and I will be sharing my findings and experiences along the way, so stay tuned… http://www.yournaturalcancercures.com

Understanding the Simplicity of Curing Any Cancer

The more I research and study the many natural cures for cancer to feed the website www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com , the more I realize how overwhelming and confusing the vast amount of information must be to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer by their doctor, and is looking for alternative treatments besides drugs, radiation, or surgery.  I hope that this article sheds some light on that particular dilemma for those truly seeking wellness, and speed the way to a natural disease-free lifestyle.


During my life I have discovered that there are several key components that must exist to achieve and maintain optimum health:


1)      Oxygen

2)      Quality Water

3)      Organic Alkaline Foods         

4)      Sunshine

5)      Exercise

6)      Rest

“So, why do people get Cancer?”…


Oxygen is by far the most important because it literally sustains life. Oxygen cleans and detoxifies the blood and cellular tissues by burning-off cellular waste, and has the ability to independently kill all invading microorganisms within your body.  Without enough oxygen, our bodily tissues accumulate toxins from metabolic waste, as well as waste from viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites that may be present.


Cancer develops from an extended long-standing

 lack of oxygen

to various tissues throughout our bodies!


Eventually, the body attempts to wall off and isolate the toxins to keep them from spreading to other parts of the body.  To accomplish this, the body forms a tumor as a kind of “trash bag”.  As a result, the oxygen-starved cells, around and inside the tumor, start to reproduce themselves rapidly and excessively, before they die from “suffocation”.


So, if I were sick with cancer (or any disease), and REALLY wanted to get well, oxygen therapies would be of highest priority to investigate and research for my cure!  Next, I’d research “Alkaline water” and “Organic Alkaline Foods”.  Everything after #3 on the list supports a solid “Big Three” Health Maintenance Program that you establish for your body.


Today, We Can’t Get Enough Oxygen …


In ancient times the oxygen content of air was about 38%, and the carbon dioxide content was about 1%.  Unfortunately, now the oxygen content of air is about 20% and the carbon dioxide content level is as high as 20%.   This is a direct result of cutting down forests, depletion of the minerals in the soil, and pollution.   These combined factors; decrease of oxygen content, and increase of carbon dioxide, pollutants and toxins in the air we breathe, make it impossible for our lungs to intake as much oxygen as our bodies need for optimum health.  Furthermore, carbon monoxide gas from the burning of fossil fuels, saturate our red blood cells, so they cannot carry oxygen, even if enough were available!   So, in reality, we are ALL oxygen deficient, no matter where we live, and need to look beyond breathing air for getting pure oxygen into our bodies on a regular basis.


Getting More Oxygen


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


There are several ways to increase the quantity of oxygen in our bodies, and it can be done either externally, or internally.  One method to acquire additional oxygen is by using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  In this Therapy, you sit or lie inside a Hyperbaric chamber and are exposed to pressurized 100% pure oxygen, which allows for greater absorption of oxygen by all body cells.  This additional oxygen attacks the pathogens of any diseases that are present in the body at that time.


The same effect can also be obtained with the mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHOBT). This therapy uses only pressurized filtered ambient air, and the chambers can be inflatable and portable.  These chambers operate at lower pressures than the hard shell chambers, and do not utilize 100% liquid oxygen, so they are much safer to use.


Ozone Therapy

Ozone is the gas that protects us from the sun’s damaging rays, but becomes toxic when inhaled. During the day, when there is maximum solar activity, ozone is created at a greater rate than during the night when the ozone layer disappears for a few hours.  Ozone is continuously being produced in the upper atmosphere as long as sunlight is present, and since ozone is heavier than air, it falls towards the earth. As it falls, it combines with pollutants and cleans the air.  When ozone contacts water vapor during falling, it forms hydrogen peroxide, an important component of rain water which causes plants to grow very healthy.


The ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms instead of two, like oxygen, and because of this, is a very unstable gas, and quickly turns back to oxygen at every opportunity. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer known to man, and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses.   Even the FDA and EPA certify that ozone destroys 99.9992 percent of all pathogenic germs, AND oxides 99.9992 percent of all pollutants at the same time!  So, if I wanted to get well from ANY DISEASE IN A HURRY…I would most definitely consider Ozone Therapy!  I would just do a search for “Ozone Therapy Doctors”, and instantly have access to a multitude of doctors who administer this powerful therapeutic technique!  DO YOUR HOMEWORK to find the best Ozone Therapy practitioner you can find in your state!  Getting well and staying well is YOUR job!…Don’t drop the BALL!


Internal Oxygenation to Kill Pathogens


You can also achieve additional oxygen in your body by many internal means; infusion of liquid oxygen into the body, the use of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), which becomes water by releasing an additional oxygen molecule directly into your bloodstream to oxidize any existing bacteria, virus, or pathogen of diseases(see “The One Minute Cure”on the WEBSITE); the use of Jim Humble’s MMS, which uses the electron deficiency and attraction of the chlorine dioxide molecule to literally “tear apart” any pathogens inside your body, so that they can pass safely out of your body through the elimination organs.  There are other ingenious ways to administer oxygen internally, but my main objective today is to empower you with some simplified knowledge about the cause of cancer, its most direct cure, and point you in the right direction, so that you can learn the right steps to take for curing your cancer! 


Now that you know the very basics about what causes cancer, and how to effectively cure it… DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH to select the method you will use to efficiently increase the amount of oxygen that gets to your body’s cells on a regular basis!  The Internet makes it amazingly easy to find ANY information you want, so there’s NO EXCUSE for being continuously sick with ANY disease… even cancer, after reading this article!!!


During your selected Oxygen Therapy Adventure, you can support your healing with: (1) large quantities of quality water (preferably alkaline and at least half your body weight in ounces each day), and (2) as many Raw Organic Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables (preferably alkaline like lemons and water melon) that you can handle, for as long as you can handle it (preferably 30-days, or until you reach YOUR desired CURE)!


You have now been officially empowered to…



The Health Revolution is Here! Are YOU Ready to Join it???

I was pleased to receive in my email an invitation to become a member of Jim Humble’s  H2O Air Water Americas Healthcare Membership Association, which is a private Healthcare Membership Association created for people who are ready to start taking full responsibility of their own health! (Exactly what I’ve been advocating for many years!)  I know many will disagree with me (especially in my age group, i.e. the “Baby Boomers” who depend so much on their doctors, health insurance, and HMO’s), but it’s not the responsibility of anyone else to take care of YOUR personal health!  If you are sick, it’s usually because YOU did not make good health choices in Your life.  Neither the government, FDA, nor the Medical Industry doctors, can do much of anything for you, except make you as comfortable as possible, while they watch you die, because they are all hand-cuffed and controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry that is literally “banking” on each and every disease remaining mysteriously incurable”, all the while, being knowledgeable of the many natural and affordable cures already in existence!  All the drugs…the research…the expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments…the Dialysis treatment…all of their methods have very temporary to no positive results for the patients; and as such, the “patients” (you and me) have become dehumanized, and only a means to an end… reaching the billions of dollars PROFITS along the “CHAIN OF DEATH”!

 They are so bold now, that when they advertise a new drug on TV, they give you a list of exactly what other health issues will arise from taking that one drug, (.i.e ‘This drug may solve one problem, but it will create a lot of other health issues in it’s place, some of which, will be MORE DETRIMENTAL than the one it temporarily treats!!!)   GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!   They must think that we are STUPID!!!!  CORRECTION:  They must KNOW that we are STUPID, to keep taking a drug, (thanks to the recommendations of our “trusted” physicians, who get paid to push the deadly drugs on us!), that will knowingly create other health issues (for which they have yet other expensive drugs and treatments ready for us to buy!!) … sounds like a VERY VICIOUS CYCLE!…


Just saw a nice video at www.yournaturalcancercures.com  by Thinkvitality

I like it because it gets to the “bottom line” about cancer, (or any other disease) … The Prevention, and the lifestyle changes that each one of us needs to embrace to become and stay CANCER-FREE!  I also like seeing the Natural Products Industry businesses uniting to create a much louder voice for “CANCER PREVENTION”.  As I mentioned in the “Make This Website Your Own” Campaign announcement, collectively we already know how to naturally cure and prevent cancer!  In fact, there’s nothing that we do not collectively know because we are little pieces of the same Creator.

I also like the way the young lady with breast cancer speaks about her day and life towards the end of the video.  She cherishes and enjoys EVERY MOMENT OF HER LIFE now, from the very second she opens her eyes to taking a walk with her dog!  Whereas before her breast cancer diagnosis, I’m sure she took her life activities for granted, like most of us).  Just a gentle reminder that each and every moment of life is a “gift”, because the NOW is all that we truly have!

Enjoy the video!  If it’s not on the first page when you arrive at the website, simply click on “Natural Cancer Foods” in the Categories list along the left side of the page.

Love, Peace, and Blessings to all!

Newsletter 234 – Awakening the Spiritual Human That Exists in Us All

I don’t have too much time to disussthis, but a New free Beginner’s on-line Kabbalah Course is starting next week on October 13th, 2010.  If you are interested, jus click the box over on the right side that says “Free Kabbalah Course”.  I must say that I enjoyed it, and will be continuing with my studies into the Intermediate cClass also starting on that same date.

  Enjoy YOUR Spiritual Journey!


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Awakening the Spiritual Human That Exists in Us All

Newsletter No. 234
Only the spiritual body, or the soul, is the human being in me because the animate body cares only for itself, the animal, and exists only as long as this animal is alive. More
  • From Michael Laitman’s Personal Blog
The Input from Above Which Makes One Human

From Michael Laitman's Personal Blog

A human being emerges in me when I search for an example of bestowal built from within. If a child seeks our help, it means that he has a painful, tangible, and essential question. He has already tried everything he could and nothing worked. Only in this case do we help him and replenish what he couldn’t attain because of his nature.

If he applies much effort and understands that he is unable to do it on his own, he eventually prepares his desire and sets up his mind for our clarifications and assistance; that is, for input from a level that is higher than his. This “addition” makes him a human being. However, if I reveal everything to him before he applies his own effort, then my explanations won’t create anything worthy or new for him either in his desires or in his mind. More>>

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Whatever You Want

Video of the Week

How do I connect problems at work or at home to the group?
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Trying to Connect with Others Provides a Window to Ask for the Light

Article of the Week

What can we do when we don’t succeed in reaching a connection between each other?

The situation of wanting to make a connection and not succeeding is a good situation since this is an opportunity to ask for the Light. I understand that everything I want to attain, even if it’s for the sake of receiving, is attainable only within the connection. And so then, I reach a decision that we must connect. Then, we already know that it is possible to attain something only through the connection, and we try to perform all kinds of activities of connection, and after them, we learn from The Zohar. If we do all this, if during the studies we want only to connect, even if it is not the true state or the true desire, to the extent that there is an inner intention to bestow to the Upper One, in any case, it works and the Light appears and changes us. More>>

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“Your Natural Cancer Cures” Website Gets Given to the Public!


I’ve been working pretty diligently over the past several weeks laying the foundation of the new website,  http://www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com, using it as the basis of my participation in Ed Dale’s “THE CHALLENGE”.   Now, that we’re in the last week of THE CHALLENGE, I know that many of you are enjoying the information that I have personally researched, compiled, written and published on the website (with statistics showing more than 2000 hits last month!).




You must instinctively know, like I do, that collectively, we already know all the various natural ways to “Treat and Beat Cancer”, either from your own personal experience of actually having suffered through the disease, or from the experience of someone that you know.


Today, I offer this website as a “gift” to ALL OF YOU, the READERS, and invite each one of you to MAKE THIS WEBSITE YOUR OWN, by emailing YOUR articles, YOUR stories, YOUR knowledge and tips, and YOUR personal discoveries, challenges, and disappointments, etc., related to the topic … Natural Cancer Cures.  This will enable us to share our collective thoughts and feelings about this topic by publishing them on the Your Natural Cancer Cures” Website for the benefit of all! 


If you take a peak at the website today, you will see that we have already begun activity towards the “Make This Website Your Own” Campaign, and just finished reviewing some personal stories, and answers to wonderful questions like these:


What are the best natural foods to eat for cancer?

Natural/Alternative Cancer Treatments?..( Do they REALLY exist?)

What are some natural cures for cancer?

Childhood Cancer…What are the facts?


To be actively involved with the evolution and growth of the “Your Natural Cancer Cures” Conversations, simply send your articles in an email to: yournaturalcancercures@gmail.com and identify one of the following categories in the “Subject Area” of your email: “Natural Cancer Cures”, “Natural Cancer Foods”, “Natural Cancer Herbs”, “Natural Cancer Treatments”, “Natural Cancer Resources”, or “Cancer Facts”.  In this way, we can maintain the existing categories of the website, and experience organized growth into a wealth of categorized information about natural cancer cures. Of course, you are free to make comments and responses to any existing question or article, which is already published directly on the website (as with any other “blog”).  However, what I am proposing will hopefully make the Your Natural Cancer Cures website grow into an organized magnet for all the information that we collectively know about Natural Cancer Cures! 


Of course, I will continue to be a participant along with you in the various conversations that evolve, as well as share information through my on-going research about natural cancer cures.  So, please visit often, to see how much more information we collectively know about this important topic, and share your own thoughts and comments to help determine the exciting journey of our collective conversations!


Thanks in advance for your support and active participation in the www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com  Make This Website Your Own” Campaign!

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